Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Year 2006 Valentines Report

1. I'm single.
2. This picture
(click click) resembles my mood in the morning.
3. I had a depressive talk with my friend who was pmsing about valentines and my mood radically changed to this:

4. I had to do something special. My friend wanted me to visit her, and I didn't want that on this day. So I decided to bond with my nephew.
5. I fed him mushroom soap for dinner (he's 2 and it was my first time, shame on me). I found out that he's a mushroom lover just like his aunt (me). I sacrificed the very few mushroom slices in the soap for him (I don't usually do that). I felt weak for his (abi masloom) request.
6. We watched Tom & Jerry. He didn't let me watch Oprah (Opla), although he likes her show.
7. We spent sometime reading flip flop books. I made sure like always that he recognizes flamingos. Only this time I didn't find the flamingo's flip flop head. Bird flue maybe?
8. We went to my room, sat on my bed, played
old mcdonald's song and danced.
9. I chatted with Salty. He enjoyed the fish background and wanted to hold the fish so bad (I need a screen cleaner now). He liked MSN winks. Whenever I changed the window, he said (abi sautti abi sautti.. sautti hilwa).
10. He ate my raisins, and chocolates.
11. He almost ate my pink silly putty thinking it's strawberry :/
12. I stamped his hands.
13. HE FARTED. It smelt so bad that I thought he pooped.
14. We hugged and kissed.
15. I spent quality time for the first time and found out how a great kid he is.
16. The feeling was mutual, cos for the first time he didn't want to leave :)
17. This is my impression now:

On a side note. I don't believe in celebrating Valentines. Love must be celebrated everyday. But when I see the whole world celebrating it. When I see the lovely chocolates, red hearts, teddy bears, and all Valentines specials in the markets, it appeals to me. So in the end, it seems to be a celebration of goodies mostly enjoyed by merchants. I have to admit though that this celebration brought me close to my nephew.

oo Tisbi7oon 3ala 7ob, 3ala golat Dr. Fawziya Duree' :)


Dr.Lost said...


u cracked me up.. but gotta say u'll make a great mommy :)

The Stallion said...

Awwww how cute! Kids are amazing and spending time with them is soo much fun! Seems like your nephew is a great little kid! :o) I bet he was a wonderful Valentine! :oP

Broke said...

A7la Valentine !

Wallah very funny and touching report ..

I liked aby masloom

Ya 7alata .. kiss him 4 me :*

Ms.Baker said...


Well, no wonder he kept feeling the *big* (a7em) call to nature, since you are feeding him mushroom SOAP LOOOOOOOOOL
Either that, or (mashallah) he has one powerful G.I. system... :P

Allah yirziglich one of your own soon ya Flaming, whose dad is an amazing weld il-7allal ille yistahlich...and I am not too sure that there are many who do... I don't think anyone can come close to how wonderful a girl you are :)


Ms.Baker said...


I think your valentines was one of the most loving I have heard of in a long time :)

3baid said...

You mean you didn't expect the pooping? :P

Anonymous said...

I didn't like mine :\

Salty-C said...

"abi sautti abi sautti.. sautti hilwa" ---> Waaaaaai!! Yishaaaawig :D smila 3alayh hehe.. ok! ok! ana 7ajzita as my valentine for next year!! ;Pp

Delicately Realistic said...

Cute Cute Cute

Flamingoliya said...

i hope so! ;D

The Stallion
yes he was! hehehe he gave aunty a great big extremely wet (mushroomy) kiss! :P

la he will kiss you himself enshalla ;)

MsBaker, the stunning lady ;p
LOL it's from the mushroom i guess! 6ali3 3aleeeeey LOL i love mushroom.
same prayer for you too, o gabley ba3ad! :*

hehehe no! :P

shinsawwi ba3ad! amerna la allah :)

he's all yours :) as long as i can find another next year :P

thanks :D

xposed said...

glad it turned out that way!