Saturday, February 18, 2006

Life Backwards

Life Backwards
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مبتدئ said...

OMG This is so PROFOUND !


Loved it !

Flamingoliya said...

Mobi, i want to be young enough to enjoy my retirement and pension!!

Devilish said...

loooool hilarious !!

Broke said...

LoL !

Immagine so .. It would be so much fun .. !

I haven't thought of it be4 !

Anonymous said...

I want to go see the migrating sharks

Flamingoliya said...

:) he's smart!

Salted-Caramel said...


Jewaira said...

I love it!

Flamingoliya said...

bagool salfa 3al saree3. i posted it then deleted it.

today at work i had to do something fast for a company. it needed time to i was complaining the whole time. laish mitfarqeen aakher la7tha?
THEN the man who was supposed to come called and told us he had an accident and won't be coming. my instant reaction to the colleague who told me was: ashwa hatha min sal7i.
i had no sympathy what so ever.
my friend who heard me made me feel bad about it.
you think i had to do with it? something like 7oba ya3ni?

anyway, he's coming tomorrow though. hope there's no injury.

Kthekuwaiti said...

I think somebody I had dinner with reads your blog!

Anonymous said...


ghsoool ghsoooooool

Flamingoliya said...

LOL catch :P

Flamingoliya said...

شلت العصب اليوم
صارلي 10 سنين اعاني منه
كان لازم اشيل ضرس العقل وبعدين العصب عشان اقدر احط تلبيس

عورني والحين هم قاعد يعورني

فيني دودوووو

ساعة الا ربع وهو يشتغل علي
تعبت اكثر من شيل ضرس العقل

i can't imagine my life from now on. a certain pain i felt for 10 years should be gone by now. am i gonna eat icecream without any worry? wow

broke when u read this, say something. i wanna make sure you read it :p

Flamingoliya said...

it's dark today and i just woke up. i didn't hear my 3 alarms.
how am i gonna survive the coming days without extra late hours.

will go to starbux for now.

i want to retire!

Broke said...



اسم الله علييج

بس ما يبتي طاري أمس ؟

خلاص عيل
U r invited over an ice-cream in Haagen Daz cafe once u come back from chlet .. shrayech ?
Agool .. u want 2 retire now ..

انا مو طماعة ابي دوام يبدي الساعة 9 و يخلص الساعة 4 راضية

Ms.Baker said...


Actually, I would be happy just to have the ability to eat whatever I want - and I mean whatever- And not gain a single kilo...

That's all I ask!

Why, God, why...?

LOL! That was funny :)


Flamingoliya said...

allah esalmich,, i didn't tell you cos kint fi 3alam thani ams ;)
saar, i'm gonna have 10 scoops.
ana mo 6amma3a ba3ad. abi dawam min 10-1 :)

i wish that too! i wish food didn't have much calories. :)

Anonymous said...

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