Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Get Me Out of Here

We went to the parking lot and sat in her tiny sized car to see some things she got me. She was almost screaming while talking to me. Her voice was loud, she was excited over nothing, add to that how close we were in her small car.

I kept asking her to lower her voice a hundred times without any use. "This is the way we talk at home" she kept telling me.

This girl is the manager’s secretary. If you just listen to the way she answers the phone when it rings, you wouldn't believe that she's the same person sitting in front of me. She felt proud that talking out loud is the way they talk at home.

"But this isn't the way you say your aleeeeew (Alo) on the phone! How come you're so much different on the phone?!"

"Oh hahaha you see, it's kind of fashla (shameful) incase the caller was a man".

"But it's not just your tone of voice; it's also the femininity and delicacy you speak with!"

"Oh hehehehe.." Again feeling proud and confident... "Yes, incase the caller turns out to be a man".


As we walked back to the office, she noticed my slippers (n3al naydiyya) and couldn't help but say that X & Y (who are my closest friends at work) used to mock Z (a colleague) behind her back for wearing such slippers. (ya3ni eshqasdich?)

Her veil falls over her shoulders and she starts complaining, so I advise her to use a pin for support.

"What? I am not Persian" She announces.

(No comment!)

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3baid said...

"incase the caller was a man"

How deceiving :/

Purgatory said...

labsa na3al 7aq eldawam!

Broke said...

Wai sheno hathy !

Shakelha 7adha ba3areya ..

I hate women speaking loudly .. ynarfezooon and their shift from el ba3ara 2 femininity and delicacy 3ala goltech , really amaze me !

Jelly Belly said...

LOOOOOOL waay ya Flam a3ref hal naw3eya min albashar...itna3em al9oot o tetkalam in a soft voice when a man calls and when she's between her friends...a3oth bel allah min alez3aj...I know a couple! LOL

o 3ala 6aree al en3aal (wentay eb karama) I love ne3l naydeya..I stole one from my brother (I have big feet) LOL
and mom got me a brand new one...they look good ;)

Ms.Baker said...

Flaming -


Yeah, just laugh... cuz it's (she is) funny when you think about it...

MsB il-ne3saana

Papillona ® said...

wayid ako minha

H said...

Lol.. loser.. i hate those kinds ili they change their voice just infornt men ..
Ni3l naydeeya are cool.. they look good ;p
Good luck w/her ..

Delicately Realistic said...


محمود عمر said...

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Òrange Juice™ said...

I enjoyed your post it was ammusing but I didn't get the persian pin bit.I Hate using the pins though.

Salty-C said...

LOL! Allah y3eenich 3ala her company. :P Loud ppl hurt my ears. I too hate that switching in voice tones! That EXTRA SUPERFICIAL maya3a, eww come on!

Spontaneousnessity said...

wai de3la, lo ana mennech arish 3eter eb waiyehha, I don't know why I'd do that bs a7es it'd make me feel better!

MissCosmoKuwait said...


Hussa-G said...

Just take her 3ala gad 3agelha. You should just smile and nod your head. It’s a waste to tell them anything. I know the type.

Good luck.

Jewaira said...

That she softens her voice is a instinctive female tactic. She just must sound alluring :P

Loved this as usual