Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Memoirs of a Single Girl (8)

Friday 2nd June,2006
I got an SMS from my friend telling me to get ready for Sunday to have lunch together. The message seemed like an "order" and not an "invitation"; It was an early plan and I had no obligations.

Sat 3rd June, 2006
I got a call from her at night telling me that she's in the area. We met at the closest cafe and chatted. We didn't have much to talk about. Her life is still and there are no happenings. We have different intellect and nothing in common to share or to discuss except reminiscing and mourning over past events. Her older son was coming back and forth from Kentucky Fried Chicken and her younger son was sucking a lollypop. "So when's your husband leaving?" I asked and it turned out that he had already left this morning.
"No wonder she reserved me since Friday... No wonder we met at the cafe; a thing we haven't done in almost a year" I thought to myself.

"You know what? It's a good thing that you don't have any single girl's diseases! You know like what my other 4 friends have. You see one suffers from tender breasts and the others have hormonal imbalance and as the doctor told them it's all because of the fact that they are still single; all will vanish once they get married".

"Thanks for the info you rude, insensitive &%$&&@&*@#$%" I thought to myself.
I went back home feeling very depressed over some memories that I forgot long time ago, but kept remembering whenever I saw her since she's always been the listener.

Sunday 4th June, 2006
I pushed myself to go to our promised lunch together. Thank God a mutual friend called and joined in; a party of girls never hurts.

Monday 5th June, 2006
I was getting ready for a reception when she called saying that she's in the area (AGAIN)... (Am I being stalked?) She wanted to meet AGAIN; good thing I had a valid excuse.

I feel used. I feel suffocated. I am neither her hubby nor his substitute. I am a Libran ruled by Venus. I don't commit to girls.

I am a blogger. I love my blogger friends. I appreciate and VALUE the friends I made from blogspot.com. I enjoy their company so much that I no longer enjoy the company of my old friends. I found the people I match with. It's only history that makes me keep my old friendships. They don't understand me, and I don't understand them either.

I get heart ache. I get stomach ache. I get short breath and my temper shortens.

We live in different worlds.

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3baid said...

"It's a good thing that you don't have any single girls diseases!"

I get the feeling she's suffering from something and needs someone to distract her from it. :/

Broke said...

Do U know that I'm facing exactly the same situation with one of my old freinds !

Yemken ma yebt lich 6ari hassalfa men gabel , but I do suffer from her because she's sticked to me on a daily basis .. calling me to ask the most stupid nosy questions on earth and blabbering abt nothing !

Plus , I'm OUGHT to take her out when her husband travels .

I once asked my sister if it is really mean to end up such exhausting friendship or at least 2 put some limits 4 it .. and the answer was :

LAAA 7aram .. Ma '6aretech !

It's a heavy weight .. no joke

Ms.Baker said...


Bal bal bal...well, what about married woman diseases for crying out loud... and there are plenty...

This girl just sucks the positive energy right out of you, doesn't she? It is best to leave her alone and don't subject yourself...



Judy Abbott said...

oh you poor thing :*
why on earth do you take what she said personal and serious... bil 6oofa 7beebty bil 6ooooooofa :)
learn from me :)

imagin my married friends don't meet me because they believe their hubby will fall for me "STUPID"

ma3aleech walla ..7egray chinich mo sam3a

layal said...

اعوذ بالله

what to say about ur freind??

thay do not have any thing to talk about ???

Jewaira said...

Am I not your Wordpress buddy too? :)

Poor you to be a hubby substitute and what an insensitive woman. I guess that is what husbands do to wives after a while... that plus all the kids and the fast food life ;)

ZinZinQ8 said...
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ZinZinQ8 said...

(After fixing)

I get that too sometimes from one of my married freinds where I am the sub when her husband is away. The thing why do you HAVE to have a sub when your husband is gone? At any rate, I know this might be annoying to hear but this girl sounds like sujj sujj ma tagsud. Like she seems to actually be concerned with the possibility of you having a "single girls disease" and not trying to tease you or hurt you about it. But if she annoys you this much just try to make sure there's a third party in every 6al3a. Preferably find a girl that she doesn't like so much. That way she'll avoid going out with you as well cuz you keep bringing that girl she hates.