Sunday, June 18, 2006

Obssessed Psycho

I've got lots to say, but so little time. Most importantly is that my friend's husband is back NIYAHAHA. Second, I think that Dr. Fawziya Duree3 should join the parliament. Third, I'm suddenly interested in politics. Forth, I'm always late, and it's always time for the buffet; a thing that disgusts me. The sight of hungry women filling up their dishes and the thought that the discussion should be stopped for the poor hungry women who have been "here since eight". I still don't know who to vote for. I have made one choise only, can I double click him?

I'm madly in love with slippers. There are so many lovely ones, so many that they all fit.

I saw Foad AlHashim at Boots.

I am impressed by some Kuwaiti women.

يجب منع الأطفال من الذهاب للمقار الانتخابية
كان أمامي فتاة تبلغ من العمر حوالي 8
تصفق مع الناس وتيبب
ثم تستحي وتخبئي رأسها بحضن أختها الكبرى والتي تبلغ حوالي 12
أختها كانت تأكل البنك وترمي بالقشور على الأرض
وكلتاهما كانتا لابستان كعب عالى بو 10 و20 سم

بعض الأمهات يجبرن بناتهن للذهاب للمقار الانتخابية لازدياد فرص الزواج

Obssessed Psycho

I see people, remember bloggers, believe that it's them. Smile or talk to them. Go home believing that it's them till I know that they aren't.

I saw Samboose and Misscosmo at a wedding. I spent the whole time thinking of a way to say hello. But after I asked A3sab if they were there, I knew that they weren't and that I had imaged the whole scenario.

I see Don alot. But when I come close to the bike, it turns out that it's the Pizza hut delivery guy. Sorry Don, but my sunglasses aren't medicated.

Today, I saw Jewaira. We had Manicure and Pedicure together. But I still don't know if it was her or not.

Ok.. time to hit the sac and stop making a fool of myself.

What do you do when you want to sleep, but you need to blog? But you really need to sleep?

I blog, rest my laptop beside my pillow, wait for the first comment on my new post. Read it and smile (supposedly) then sleep.

This is one of the posts that I would definitely feel like deleting first thing in the morning.

G & A
Don't ever discuss my posts with me. Pretend that you don't read me.


Delicately Realistic said...


(Make you smile?)

Shurouq said...

Morning Flamingoliya,
I'm obsessed with bloggers too!
I'm loosing sleep trying to figure out one certain blogger's real identity.


وعلى طاري البنات اللي أمهاتهم بيزوجونهم.. في افتتاح أحد المقار الانتخابية شفت ثلاث بنات يلامعون من فوق لي تحت.. حاطين على جسمهم مادري شيسمونه اللي يلمع

بس كله واحد، مو يقولون "عرس" انتخابي؟

Shurouq said...

Glitter wallahu a3lam

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

Ok this is my secret, I am obssessed with "X" blogger. It all started when I decided (Note that I decided that this guy is "X" blogger without any signs).

recentley, "X" mentioned in his blog that he couldn't make it to this certain event, although I saw him there. LOL, I still refuse to beleive they're not the same person. the funny thing thu is most bloggers know the real identy of this "X" blogger, so all I have to do is simply ask, but I refuse to. Oh well.

Baroque said...

lo0l someone is blogger high ;p

The Don ® said...

For next time, when you see "pizza hut" dudes, or "shay o na3na3" scooters driving around, take a look at the back tire of their scooters, if it was as big as this (click here), then there is a chance it’s me, otherwise, drive over them.. :P

Jewaira said...

The next time you think it is me, just keep whispering a mantra...Jewaira, Jewaira... and I will look at you and smile :P

Ms.Baker said...

Dear Flamingoliya,

For the record- and you and I have already discussed this - I am not Sameer Sa3eed's wife ( he that owns the Mr. Baker chains). So don't think that it's me next time you go to buy a chocolate ganache cake there ;P

But here is a surefire way to know if it's me or not next time you are convinced it is: If you see a girl staring longingly at the sour apple and cola gummy worms at Sweet Factory, ask her if she is Ms.Baker.

Chances are, it is. And If you buy her a bag of candy, she will probably even give you her civil ID number too ;)

And the LAST place I think is appropriate to bring banak is an election meeting OMG! I hear you on the buffet crowds... I find the food rush gauche and go home at that point.


MissCosmoKuwait said... glad that I´m not the only one obsessed...:)...wish I was at the wedding would´ve been an honor to have met the famous does that mean that A3sab has met you??? not fair...gonna have a long talk with her...:)

Papillona ® said...


What's with the finger?

Papillona ® said...

Finger template!

Flam?? is that you?

Shurouq said...

Papillona, what's wrong with the new template?
Khosh new look, Flamingoliya.. I'm loving the attitude :)

Papillona ® said...

Shurouq, it was so unexpected. It's Flam-wa-khizyaah and now a finger?

I'm loving the new Flam-fu*king-goliya

You go girl

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

This is so not the Flam I know ;P

Salty-C said...

Boots Sharg sucks