Thursday, July 27, 2006

An Angel Called Dana

Dana is the first grand daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Al X. Mr. X loves Dana so much that he keeps thanking his daughter for bringing him such a wonderful gift. The story started when Mrs. X wanted to go to Lebanon. Mr. X didnt like the idea thinking that it isnt a secure place to go to. But Mrs. X insisted. She even bought herself an apartment close to her family and friends. Mr. X had no saying but to accept reality and let them go.

Mrs.X took her daughters and her only grand child and left for a promised vacation in Lebanon. Her new apartment was ready and she couldnt wait to enjoy her summer vacation there. Mr.X didnt want her to take her grand child Dana; he was worried about her more than he did to his wife and daughters. But ofcourse her mother couldnt leave her in Kuwait alone.

Now I guess that you know what happened to the family the second day they arrived. War had started. Mr.X couldnt just sit there waiting for his family to come back especially that his precious little Dana was stuck there. He grabbed his car first thing he heard the news and drove directly to Syria then to Lebanon. He took them all and made reservations for them to go back by plane to Kuwait while he returned by his car.

It was all for Danas eyes. Mr.X who always feared going to Lebanon. Mr.X who was one of the first people who left Kuwait during the Iraqi invasion. All fear was gone, adrenaline for saving his grand daughter gave him enough courage to go all the way to Lebanon to save her. If it werent for Dana, his family wouldve been still stuck there. They were one of the first people who escaped back to Kuwait.

Love does wonders.

p.s. no spell checking here. if there are grave ones, please tell me.


Delicately Realistic said...

Awwwwwwww how cute. Allah ykhaleelhom Dana ya rab!

MissCosmoKuwait said...

Desperate times...Desperate measures!...Great job Mr. X...a hero lives within him yet!

Broke said...

I love how grandfathers become so passionate to their grandchildren ..

Well written Flam ..

NuNu™ said...

Wow!!Dana is an angel..
Allah ykhaleelhom Dana!

Flamingoliya said...



thanks :)


Armani.Lab said...

helloo there! long time I know..luvd the story & hope this misery in lebanon will end soon...

o allah ey5aly kel '3aly el '3aleeh ya rab..

Hind said...

Danah eh? ;)
grandfathers are fathers who are grand.
7emdela 3ala salamathom :)

Jewaira said...

Sidj danah!

What a wonderful little story Flames

MBH said...

Sorry, I don't see this story beautiful.

The guys escaped from the land that houses him and choose to be homeless in a foreign land, but decided to go through rocket-attacks to save his grandchild, not his own family?

If this is a true story, it makes things even worse, in my opnion.

Flamingoliya said...


ee dana, you know her? ;p

merci :)

It is a true story. But isn't the grandchild a family too?