Saturday, July 08, 2006

What do you want from life?

Do we have to want something from life?

If one didn’t know what he wanted, does this mean he’s lost?

Does this mean that he needs therapy?

This was an argument I had today with my friend who searched the entire directory looking for a shrink.

Dr. Foziya dree3: is not available.

“Something” clinic: the doctor answered the phone instead of a secretary and when asked for guidance he said that he’s just a counselor and that she can be referred to mustashfa el 6ib el nafsi for drugs.

NLP/mantra (not so sure) at AlRazi clinic: she is on vacation.

Dr. Marwan AlMutawa: the number listed in the paper is the number of a restaurant! So my friend called el baddala who gave her his house telephone number. The housekeeper answered and told her that Marwan no longer has an office!

Dr. “Something” (who deals with Jin): the secretary said “I don’t know I will ask and call you back”.

Why finding a healer/therapist/ or whatever is this hard here?


6abakh diaries

6abakh visited us at work today. This is the conversation that took place after saying our hellos:

6abakh: enta sawi 3aroos?

Me: la.

6abakh: laish? Ana kilyom wallah sawwi do3a’ 3ashan enta sawi 3aroos.. wallah ana 3ala tool enta fakkar.. Kil yom..

Bas allah mako yisma3.

He then felt guilty for saying such thing about God, licked his fingers and then tweaked his ears; their way for asking for forgiveness.


Life said...

LOL @ il6abakh! raw3a!

Delicately Realistic said...

read this:
ull like her last post


shrink huh?

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

I really miss this 6abakh of yours ;P

Bloo said...

hi there... is ur post colors right or my pc not able to read it until i shade??

ur argument reminded me of this: if u don't have a destination... does that make ur journey pointless?

think .. life

Flamingoliya said...

Life ;)

I loved the post!! thanks for the referral.
shrink, yeah. a real one for my friend. and an online one for cosmo blog ;)

ee walla me too... khoosh rayyal :) will send you his pic.

shlonich? long time no see. I'm using black font color! looks fine to me! maybe you need to refresh since it's a new template?

I'm living my life fine. but my friend feels like she needs a shrink just because she doesn't know what she wants from life. do we have to WANT something from life? maradna binmoot :p
you can learn from your journey, even if you don't have a destination.. that's what I think.

Ms.Baker said...

Flaming -

Can you believe I have been getting advertisement sms's from Dr. Marwan Al-Mutawa ??? Huh. 5aleeh iwalee, I haven't heard good things about him, and the body of his msg bugged me :

"Kalbik i3awrik min mashaaklik il-3a6feeya? 5alee Dr. Marwan iwa9lik l-bir il-amaan "

(Sorry, I don't know how to type Arabic on my keyboard yet)

Yuk. I just don't know where and how to begin to explain how off putting that cheesey ad-sms is...

I mean for God's sake!

MsB, who doesn't like the dude and his pop psychology...

P.S Allaaaaaaah! 6abaakh story! :)

Bloo said...

i'm ok :) got enagemed, getting married end of august, caught up with the event.

Jewaira said...

I love 6abakh stories

Flamingoliya said...

الطب صاير تجارة

MABROOK! so happy for you :)

glad you enjoy them :)