Saturday, July 01, 2006

minus zero





Purgatory said...

why do you have nunu pic?

Delicately Realistic said...


A3sab said...

flaaaaaaam, its been a month since i last visited your blog and wow was i shocked when I saw the changes here. 3asa mashar? what have i been missing??

Q8-eye said...

لالا ترى عندنا


حياك الله في بلدك الثاني


شرايكم احنا نألف؟؟!!

MBH said...

So you think Lebanon & Egypt have more high-spirit than Kuwait?

Lebanon is struggling and suffering from the Syrian political control, the internal conflicts of sects and the bad economic status.

Egypt just cries from the amounts of resources being stolen by its current ruler while its own people are living on tid-bits.

Kuwait: 1 liter of gas costs 65 fils, absurd internal conflicts that has never resolved into violence, the dinar has a high value, everybody has a car, new generations have almost no values nor respect.

From what I see, morale in Kuwait should be high and those new generations can be trained if revert back to "old skool" methods: allow teachers to use the ruler and parents SHOULD smack their kids for bad behavior!

Heads up. March.

(Nice theme)

Hind said...

looooooool 3ala sa3adet al ameerah