Tuesday, July 25, 2006

weinich ya lebnan

mino el maynoon eli ehid el barad fi deerta wiroo7 esayyif fi deera a7ar?


Its damn hot. When would Europeans get used to the idea of global warming and install ACs? Cooling ACs, and not the fan operating ones.

Even my chocolate is melting.

allah yer7omich ya lebnan... wiraji3 ayyamich. sij enni mare7t ella marrah wa7da but it was the best.

chan al7een ana ga3da 3ala jabal lebnan el 3ali eli ahlo ye3eesho fi dalali ma3a moza oo khathra bidal el fi6ees eli ga3da feeh.


Jewaira said...

Allah!! I am enjoying the icy cold A/C in Kuwait oo killish mo 7aseen bel 7arr. Meskeena Flames is up in flames somewhere in Europe!

Next time go somewhere in the mountains or down to the Southern hemisphere.

Baroque said...

don't tell me in scorching london too? :S bamoot min il 7aar!

Delicately Realistic said...

7ayati :*
Have fun & take care :***

Fuzzy said...

God Bless the Inventor of A/C's

Flamingoliya said...


no.. allah e3eenich!!!!

bas ed3ay enna el jaw yabrid!!! I would appreciate it!

a million times!

7aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar :(

A3sab said...

oh poor flami...`i'm going to europe in a weeks time i hope the temperature cools down a bit

Flamingoliya said...

allah e3eenich.. cos el mawja shakilha em6awla!! people are dying!!

today was humid and it rained. ya3ni el shams mo qawiya nafs ams.

maku nifas.. it's even hot at night. ma77ad mistanis ella ra3i el barrid!! gam sooga.

Flamingoliya said...


OMG LOL your blog is blocked here! it asked me for an adult password! hehe :P