Sunday, December 26, 2004


You liked Simpson, the father of Bart
You filled my chart
Took me to wondrous places in your Cart

You told me you will never depart
You caused me a wart in the deepest part of my heart
All I have to do now is to click restart



Armani.Lab said...

You got me back 2 start
We started again in a chat
You blew my mind like a bat
With you time goes by like a blast
With you I never want to click restart


Purgatory said...

hmm, filled my chart! is it a pie chart :P?

Flamingoliya said...

hehehe :) beautiful

whatever :p

Armani.Lab said...

Just b4 me leaving work...ur blog was my fruit plate of the day =)

have a gr8 nite..