Sunday, December 12, 2004

Blog Addiction

I’m new in the blog world and I think I got addicted fast. Blogs became my bedtime story and my morning break fast. It’s 8:30 am now and I just finished eating my sandwich. I looked at my key board and it was full of flour and breadcrumbs! I thought my chin was the only affected area as I spilled zait zaytoon mal el za3tar while reading interesting comments.

When I was first introduced to the internet I got addicted to IRC, then ICQ, then I started registering in every email service provider I found on the net. It felt like collecting treasure. I had too many accounts with a single password to keep track on them although I didn’t have that amount of friends to email me. I got addicted to html and web design and finally I discovered the most important use of internet, that is culture.
Now I’m getting addicted again. A mere sign of it is that I used to say to myself unconsciously “log in, log out” as I go in and outside my car instead of “lock, unlock”.
NOW, I switched to “blog, unblog”! Damn, I’m not ready for a new addiction. Before I registered with this blog, I spent hours reading and watching what’s going around till I got familiar with this new world. I was always amazed at how people tracked comments on different blogs especially when there’s no notification when people comment on your comments on others’ blogs (there isn’t is there? I hope there is!). Now all what I do is tracking blogs. It’s pretty tiring, bas shasawi, balwa webtalait feeha.
I wonder what my next addiction will be. Oh well, as long as they are 7alal addictions then I guess there’s no real harm.

For my fellow bloggers out there, have you noticed any other blog addiction signs?


bora bora said...



UzF said...

sadly there's no comment-tracking service, yet.. so you'll have to jump from a blog to another which can be annoying sometimes.
i find this expression is funny, "7lal addiction"..!

Jacqui said...

I guess the best way to track comments is by having a piece of paper and pencil next to you.. and write on which site you posted a comment then next time you're checking for other comments you just check into each of the places u posted a comment on :P hehe primitive but works I guess..

P.S. Blog addiction lasts about 2 months probably sometimes less hehe we all experienced it sometime and when it becomes a routine you slow down the addiction process.

Flamingoliya said...

bora bora,
I'm glad!

-It (IS) annoying!
-Thanks, I consider that as an ego boost
"I can be funny sometimes"

-WHAT?! I think I'd better stick to my book mark invention!
-That's a comfort!

Jacqui said...

Well that was just my suggestion.. Since it's much simpler than a bookmark.. all you do is have a small pad of papers and pencil next to you and write where u posted and when.. That's all :P

Flamingoliya said...

Dear Jackie

What if I lost my paper?
What if my coffee spilled on the paper?
What if the wind blew from the window and shattered the paper?
Plus, since my internet addiction started; I haven’t been using my fingers much. Really, they’ve become rusty. Last time I wrote using primitive pen was…
I can’t even remember!
It’s keyboard now, keyboard and nothing else.

Jacqui said...

Oh well hehe I keep track of the comments that I post by going through Safat and reading the header of each post, in case I found one that rung a bell.. I would go there be surprised I posted hehe and reply to it :P