Sunday, February 20, 2005

A Man in the Ladies Room

While I was checking out my looks in the mirror before leaving work, I heard a loud man’s voice calling: “baby baby entay weinich? Ridday 3al telephone” meaning: “baby baby where are you? Pick up the phone”. I was horrified when I first heard it but it turned out to be a silly ring tone.

The lady picked up her mobile phone while performing her nature call and spoke to her darling hubby. What a silly ring tone.

- Baby equals the lady’s dala3 nick name that has zero relation with her real name.

- First time visitors: I know the title is misleading, but that is how I felt.

remember me?


Armani.Lab said...

god how annoying I mean keep the fact of the crappy ringing tone..but how come some people can answer their fone calls while they are doing it! I mean if she was at home lets say it's her privacy she can do the hell what she wants with it...but in a pubilc ladies 6a7aat mn 3ainich?? although she seemz already 6ay7aa o met3awra ba3ad hehehe

Aquamarine said...

lool. silly ring tone! ;P "baaaby baaaby riday 3al telephooone".. i can't imagine having that ring tone on my mobile. i'd be terrified everytime someone calls.

Hopeless Poet said...

loool.. that is so funny!
I actually put my mobile on silent mode if I decided to answer my nature call in public rest rooms cos once I was at a mall and my cousin thought he was funny so he missed call me while I was there, and then I heard this guy who was washing his hands cursing me! and that was during the monophonic tones.. if it happens now with the wav tones .. I would have been beaten there probably :P

Purgatory said...

hmm, :)

بومريوم said...

نان ابى اعرف شنو قصة هالرنات ؟
يعنى هل فى مسابقه لاسخف رنه مثلا؟
بعدين اوكى عندك اخر اغنيه نزلت السوق و مسويها رنه...و بعدين؟
كل ما رن التيلفون لازم تسمعنا اياها؟

اعتقد لازم يحطون غرامه 20 دينار للرنات السخيفه..او الرنات الموسيقيه عموما

الشى بالشى يذكر..
القصه هذى حقيقه
وحده من قريباتى فى احد المحلات اخدت بدله لتجربتها..و اوال ما دخلت مكان التبدليل و لا رجل بشوارب لابس بدله نسائيه يجربها!!
من الخرعه رمت البدله و انحاشت:)

Bo Jaij said...

Yes she needs to hear his sexy voice each time she gets constipated (with love of course)

The Don ® said...

Truthfully speaking !! I think someone after a certain age and a certain position.. working, should never put these stupid ring tones.. even if they are hip and funny.. I mean, I can’t even imagine seeing a lady in a meeting picking up her phone after hearing this guy saying this.. I expect it from my teenage sister, but not from someone in the age of working in a company.. et6ee7 min 3aini 3ala 6ool, 7ud el halaagah..

Jewaira said...

One of the newly-wed supervisors at work left his mobile on the desk and went off somewhere. Suddenly, the ladies heard a woman's voice (presumably his wife's) coming from the office singing out repeatedly:
"Habibi, Habibi, come and pick up the phone!"
Naturally the lady employees were curious and stifling their laughter as the red-faced supervisor ran into the office, muttering under his breath.

And being naturally gregarious and loquacious creatures, the ladies made sure the story was spread far & wide ;)

Vintage said...

i agree with the don. pple should just grow up and have standard tunes. its just too distracting/embarresing.. and cheap attention (my own opinion)
+ its wayyyyyyyyyy disgusting bsara7a that she answers at the bathroom. HE SHOULD DUMP HER.

Armani.Lab said...

esh7alah el 6abaa5? rabich eb5air? ;)

Flamingoliya said...

6ay7a min zimaaaaan.

I’d rather have “baby baby wake up or you will get a salary deduction” as a morning wake up call :p

I can only imagine you with a poetic ring tone hehehe.


اذا حطوا غرامة راح يلاقون واسطة تلغيها

I experienced that too!!!! Namely in Jashenmal, Kuwait City. They were two coming out from the females dressing room with female jeanz then paying at the cashier. It took me LONG to figure out they were MALES because I just couldn’t believe my eyes. Needless to say that the whole ground is for female clothes ONLY. I felt disgusted. I kept gazing at other people hoping I’d find another who’s as gobsmacked as I were, but there wasn’t! it’s either no body figured they were males or were too polite! I think something must be done from the shop owners as the workers did nothing.

what a thoughtful point :p
Welcome here.

The Don,
Yeah halagah, tell me about it :/

That is so funny! hehehe.

Yeah, I think it is degrading :/

Nothing new walla :)
I didn’t get the other part of your phrase.

Armani.Lab said...

well it's an emaraty phrase which comes after saying esh7alich/esh7alik..which (rabich eb5air = hope his/her or your okay)

Flamingoliya said...

I theeee.

Hopeless Poet said...

You are almost right regarding my ringtone! It is actually a slow music called "love music" and it is polyphonic midi. ma wa9alt lil wav ringtones technology yet :P

Flamingoliya said...

LOL me neither although i love technology. but i guess even if i had a new mobile, i don't think it is approriate to have such ring tones. efashil :/
wonder if my opinion stays the same even after i get a new one :p i pray to stick to my beliefs. in any case, i would never let the whole world hear my hubbys voice! not just because of prestege, but, i wouldn't like to make him feel so adored LOL. you know, men tend to (raise their nose) in such events.

OHH MY GOD! guess what!? (her life is long) her mobile rang babybaby while posting this!!!! yummaaa
maybe it's nature's way to show me that i shouldn't gossip hehehe

Flamingoliya said...

can you send that ring tone too? :p
mine is slow love too, but won't reveal it's name here incase someone caught me in public :p you know IT IS UNIQUE when most people are using modern ring tones hehehe
(would tell you privately if you wish)

Hopeless Poet said...

Yeah don't reveal the name of the ringtone in public here or the bloggers community will open their ears wide just to catch you :P
Sure I will send it when I am at home.. maybe it is the one you have, because i know many people are using it specially for theie wives or finances, except me, the single guy who is using it for the whole family caller group :P

And I am privleged that you've decided to reveal one of your secrets to me :P

Flamingoliya said...

i trust your poetic side, LOL
or maybe i trusted you cuz you still didn't tell me where you're from. so assuming you're not from Kuwait made me confess :p

I use it for "friends" although they don't deserve it LOL.