Saturday, February 05, 2005

Imaginary Bloggers' profile (2)

I can't help it. I can't help but to visualize bloggers especially those whom I visit frequently. It is weird how I picture a bloggers profile just by reading their posts. I imagine some men to be skinny, some women with silky hair and so on.

I am obsessed. Have mercy dear bloggers and send me your pics. I was never obsessed with looks as much as personal info when chatting on messenger. But here in the blog world, it's entirely different. Blogs are more personal, open, transparent and honest. Nobody tries to lie or fake their character, only impressing people with well written posts and ideas.

Picturising bloggers reached the extent that when I'm in public I spot people and start guessing everybody's who. I can confirm it sometimes just relying on my judgment based on their blog character. I am sick. I didn't imagine addiction to reach this point. My therapy would be either quitting; a thing that seems impossible at the moment, or you fellow bloggers submitting your pics to me and ending my suffering :p

It would be nice seeing if my imaginary profiles match with the real ones. Sometimes I even change a person's hair color after reading their new post. I am pathetic.
I wonder if anyone has the same obsession, hence, I wonder what my picture would look like based on my blog. I hope it's not just a pink flamingo.

"blogs are windows of the soul" that is my newly found proverb.

Some people suddenly disappear from the blog world thanks to anonymity we don't know if it's death (la sama7 Allah) that took them away or just quitting. I wonder if anyone would miss me when I'm gone (please say that you will) :p

It's after midnight now; my inspiration visits at wrong hours. Good night.


Purgatory said...

hmm, odd post

Judy Abbott said...

i don't agree, who reads my blog or comments think that i am a teenage dude or an angry girl or air head .. but its only i blog when i am in those moods , which i mean i am not like that all the time. so me no agree

Aquamarine said...

Hello Flamingoliya! :) You have a very interesting blog.

I just wanted to say that I don't think that your feelings are weird! I totally understand! I do the same sometimes, except I haven't reached to the point where I try to guess who's who in public! And I don't even change a person's hair color after reading their blogs! :P But don't worry about it. I just think it has to do with your wild imagination and curiosity. Just don't obsess over it too much. They say curiosity kills! ;/

P.S. I'm sure you'll definitely be missed when you're gone! ;)

P.S.S. I can't help but associate the color "green" with your name, not pink. Don't know why. Is that your favorite color by any chance?

Vintage said...

yeah.. i think me too i wanna know how some pple look like. i wouldnt mind actually getting personal with some girls.
how would u imagine me? i can send u my pic, but tel me how would u imagine me first.

u will be missed :)

Hopeless Poet said...

Certainly you are gonna be missed once you quit blogging!

I think you have the right to wonder about how does that person who is behind that blog look like.
I personally don’t mind to send you my picture, but since I am sure after seeing how I look like you will stop visiting my blog, and I don’t want that :P

Have a nice Suffer(Satur)day!

minime said...

Hiyee Flames,
This post must be the sweetheart of all posts of the day (blog wise).

First off regarding :
{{ Blogs are more personal, open, transparent and honest. Nobody tries to lie or fake their character, only impressing people with well written posts and ideas. }}

Please go to this [ ]…lol

I think what you are saying (transparent & honest) is directly related to the fact that we all come from the same or directly neighboring country & somehow don't feel strangers & indeed share common ideas & grounds.
Yes (almost all lady & most men bloggers) do keep anonymous for, again, the reason of being Kuwaitis.
And I have to say here, this is why I found it at first hard to swallow Jewaira's posts until of course I realized later that I had misunderstood her & had to apologize on her site publicly.
I think one very cool & indeed unique thing about our blogging is (lama ne'3ayer min elketaabah bil proper English to hathaa)..:-)

I have also noticed that blogging sometimes becomes almost (Live), & that is when people are online at the same time & start commenting (talking) almost instantly to each other.

One thought never ceased to cross my mind, Is wondering how would we all react to each other if we all get together say at costa coffee (not starbucks, because I like costa's coffee more) :-P.
How would that go….. Would be most amusing, interesting & definitely exciting.

Needless to say, the privacy of being in one's own room & the advantage of anonymity makes one feel comfortable writing & talking to people & swap words of compliment & friendship with more easiness than one would face to face.

I have to add this,
The night of the Indian music at the Meidan theater had a frustrating side to it,
You were there, Q was there, Shoroug was there (turned out later she wasn't), Eva & God knows who else, not forgetting yours truly. & throughout the evening, the thought of is this person (that), or is that other person (so & so) never left my mind,, am sure you know what I mean..LOOL
Finally, it has to be said ya sitt ilkull that may9eer you ONLY ask for people's pictures, how about flamingolya…. We don't know what she looks like either now, do we?..:-P
P.S. I only have some sad & bad news flames. I have not gone :-P, just re-writing my site :-)

Armani.Lab said...

Thinking about the blogs I daily read...all of them I know in personal life...except for you..ur the only non-emaraty blog that I read..I even forgot how did I find you..but hey I rate you above 5 stars! talking about the rate of honesty of most of the blogs I read..unfortunately they fake their identity big time..lets say 10% passed n the rest failed..! =/

n since am mentioning percentages here..99% I know how exactly they look like...n the 1% missing is u.. ;)

in my point of view...n from a personal experience I don't always find blogs helping out to show the real souls behind's even hard these days to discover the real soul with a person you meet n talk to everyday!

Peace =)

Armani.Lab said...

ah 1 more thing.. if u vanished(god forbids)..then I'll decrease the percentage of honesty n interest of the daily blogs I read..stay around as much as u can plz =)

Jewaira said...

Flamingoliya :)
I liked the candid & transparent feelings in your post today.
And yes, I would miss u if you stopped.
So don't stop: nothing more annoying than going to a blog and reading Not Found :)

Stop deleting/changing your posts! :)

Flamingoliya said...

You in particular, shouldn’t think this is odd :p

First of all welcome to my blog :)
Why do you blog only when you’re in those moods? :) I got to visit your blog and rate you hehee. I think nicknames matter too along with the blog.

Hello there :)and welcome to my blog. I am happy you find it interesting and even happier that I will be missed :) although I find it hard to believe since it's your first visit :pPP Yes curiosity kills and I’m glad I’m not alone :p
I have no idea how the color green relates to me! I don't like it, but I like khaki though :)

Thank you for your sweet words :) and it feels good that I'm not alone. As for the way you look, I'm afraid I got influenced by the color green on your blog, and the picture there and your new "100 things about you" post! You should've waited for my rating :p but let me at least give it a shot.
You are tall (duh)
Hazel/Green eyes (cuz of blog color) :p
Not fat, not thin (duuuuh)
Fair (the girl in the pic is kind of fair)
Silky hair

So what do you think, am I correct? :D

Thank you , thank you, thank you :)
Why do you underestimate your looks, huh? You are my fellow sweet poet and that's what matters and nothing would ever stop me from visiting your blog :p
Now where's the pic? hehee
Suffer(Satur)day? :p
3ad it was a good day, till I got a phone call on my way to kuwait city to do some hala febrayir shopping. My friend told me to go back home cuz of security reasons! :/ so I switched to our jam3iyya and bought lots of chocolates.

Flamingoliya said...

I still believe blogs are honest regardless of the page you sent :p and yes, it’s the Kuwaiti community, I agree.
The Kuwaiti/English writing is maybe new to you, but I'm used to it and I guess most of us are cuz that's how it's been since online chatting started in Kuwait. And it's the same language used now through SMS messages.
Yes, blogging becomes live as if you're chatting on messenger. And most Kuwaiti bloggers care to reply to comments when many others don't. I guess it's our hospitable nature.
Sure costa is better than starbucks, but it's the fact that it's not widely spread. As for meeting bloggers, yes it would be exciting and I believe Kuwaiti male bloggers already met! some females did too.
Now you're telling me all those people were there? I won't stop remembering the audience now! Especially that I met many contacts there. Here grows the dilemma, thank you for helping me out :p
I don't have to submit my picture too. Cuz I'm the one with the obsession not you :p
And you being my fellow blogger should lend a hand and cure me :p
I know you're not gone. I meant some other people on my post :) and I'm glad you liked the post too.

Flamingoliya said...

You rate my blog above 5 stars? That is the sweetest, kindest comment I ever got in my entire blog life. Maybe I should consider submitting my page to the awards giving website :)
You said they fake their ID, but what about the blogs content? Do they also fake their character?
It's interesting how you know all those bloggers! Maybe emaratis are more open than Kuwaitis.

"it's even hard these days to discover the real soul with a person you meet n talk to everyday!"

You are sooooooooooooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Armani I really don't know what to say. Allah ekhaleech 7ag my blog wikhalli my blog 7aggich :)

Jewaira, my paintbrush
Not only you occupy most of my obsession but I also consider you my teacher. That is what I feel when I read you :) I'm glad you liked my post and thank you soooo much for your kind words. And I have to say this, don't YOU ever quit, you are my daily blog dosage.

Purgatory said...

I know, not odd for me, but odd for you.

Flamingoliya said...

purg, i know what you mean. but have you forgotten the guy i thought was you?

Purgatory said...

Yeah i know what you mean, and you are correct.

Flamingoliya said...


غسان said...

Welcome to the addiction club Flamingoliya:)

Me too, I wish if they send me their pictures and a brief biography including their full names, and if they did, I will forward it to you:)

Judy Abbott said...

i love using nick names ,, this is what i am known for ;)

Flamingoliya said...

you too?! you're still new! is there a drug or something?
full name and biographY? that's too much :p if you get those send them to me please.

too bad you can't change your nick around here :p

Purgatory said...

Go to sleep

Flamingoliya said...

i did! i couldn't! :(

Aquamarine said...

Flamin.. it is my first comment but i've been reading your posts for quite a while now. :)

The Don ® said...

Flamingoliya said:

It would be nice seeing if my imaginary profiles match with the real ones. Sometimes I even change a person's hair color after reading their new post. I wonder if anyone has the same obsession.

My only comment is
--->CliCk mE<---

ray said...


you have a wild imagination :D~

tara i do that too ... but only when i have nothing to do ... i start scketching a face to each blog i know dependin on the information they provide.

maybe i'll post them later if those bloggers agree :)

Armani.Lab said...

yes sweety..they fake their characters big time..which is insane and the reason why I or we know coz it's a small community and we've been reading blogs since more than 4 years now..that what made us know each other more..I never thought of writing a blog only
when it comes to show some of my work in my gallery..or when i have some general thought to mention..nothing very precise..I find ppl like you are really gifted in being able to express themselves in such an
interesting & eye grabbing way...Peace =)

Vintage said...

im 171cm, 68kg, fair-kuwaiti colored. fair red-brownish hair, and brown eyes :) wel if thats not enough, can still send the pic.

Flamingoliya said...

So you’re one of my invisible readers :D now I believe you :)))

The Don,
Amazing, glad I’m not alone :)

Please post them! I don’t think anyone would mind! It would be interesting. Yalla waiting :)

Flamingoliya said...

Blogging for 4 years?! WOW!
Oh my God, does this mean this nightmare will last for years? And I thought 2 months were a lot! :p
Where’s your gallery? Show us something :)
You think I can express myself clear? I never thought of it this way. Maybe because I always compare myself to better writers :)
Wanasa thanks :)))

So my description almost fits :)))
Yalla waiting for the pic :)

Armani.Lab said...

no the obsession will go less the more time passes by..(hope so) ;)

n here is a link to my humble gallery


Flamingoliya said...

you took those photos?! please explain. is the whole site yours?!

Armani.Lab said...

I wish I own the whole site I would be rich =D
well no dear people with photography, drawing, poetry..etc talents can join the site to submit their art...but by checking the followin link ( it containz all the pix I took myself..I don't want you to be confused with my fav. and am really glad that u liked them =)

Flamingoliya said...

WONDERFUL PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanted to comment there, but i got lost :p

Armani.Lab said...

am sorry sweety..u have to be a memeber to comment..part of their lousy rules =p

Flamingoliya said...

the whole site is misleading. not user friendly :p