Friday, May 13, 2005

Mommy Doesn't Love Me

Mommy doesn’t hug me
Mommy doesn’t miss me
Mommy doesn’t love me
Mommy doesn’t miss me

She shouts and screams;
To make me tidy my sheets
She becomes mad;
When I play with our neighbor lad

She slaps my face,
When she finds us race;
No tomboy I want to raise

Tidy your room
Hide your dollies
And dress;
My friends I want to impress

Smile and don’t giggle
Walk in grace and don’t wiggle
A daughter she wants perfect;
My soul is corrupted

I plead you my cyber mommy;
Your love,
Your tender touch;
Would definitely make me jolly

Mommy doesn’t hug me
Mommy doesn’t miss me
Mommy doesn’t love me
Mommy doesn’t miss me



Purgatory said...

you are a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad mommy! bad bad bad, ..., bad mommy!

otuydbvckblkh said...

poor flaming :(
she does all these annoying stuff just to keep u as perfect "young lady" as possible .. don't be sad

6ara 3alay the cartoon LADY LADY madri laish :D

مبتدئ said...

maskeenah il yahil

laish mashgoog wayeha?

Flamingoliya said...

hehehe.. you like the picture don't you?

poor little girl, not enjoying her childhood.
3ayal ana 6arat 3ala bali Sally and the strict aanisa minshim or whatever she was called :)

from her mom's slap cos she broke her hand while racing the lad :)

Broke said...

Flamy .. ee wallah .. et9adgeen just now I read it !

Bas mine is different shway ..

غريب توارد الأفكار اللي بيني و بينج


Nice post :)

Flamingoliya said...

thanks Broken :) maybe we were sisters in a parallel world.

Beeshooo said...


Purgatory said...

Yes I do flfl :) cute girl, not like her mean evil mom, where is her mom? wainha? hedeeni 3aleeha!

Flamingoliya said...

she says she loves you and misses you too :)

her mom is busy tidying her room.

Purgatory said...

yeah evil mom, mal 3ath

Ms.Baker said...

Wallah 3awartay gloobna ya flaming!

ClOuDs said...

7araaaaaaaaam :'(

Poor lil girl :(

i feel like crying :'(

Flamingoliya said...

Purg.. yes you should teach her some of your family values.

MsBaker & Clouds
I'm glad! :) that's my point. to reach your hearts and make you feel for such little kids and try to make a difference.

Anonymous said...

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