Saturday, May 07, 2005

Withered Rose

It was a nice wedding. Well just like other weddings. Sitting on a chair with a crouched back watching the beauties on the dance floor. Feeling sorry for the bride watching her sitting in her kosha trying to enjoy herself. I tasting all different kinds of offered chocolates and sweets, drinking Arabic coffee one cup after another to avoid sleeping out of boredom waiting impatiently for the buffet and trying to hide from people I know or perhaps, people who know me.

Relatives I haven't seen for ages. Kids who grew up to be attractive teens with makeup and high heels that make me look much younger than them (it is a good feeling actually but not when those little girls treat me as younger). Old women staring with their eyes wide open "wee esh7ilwich sayra, mankha6abtay?" (No! duh!!) Cousins want to meet and gather; the same record goes on and on without really meeting (thank God).

So as I escaped to the exit door, there stood an old relative of mine. She greeted me and picked up a flower from the bouquet presented there. She gave it to me saying "grab this flower; it will bring you a husband". Me, huh?! What the?! "But I don't want to get married" defensively uttered. (What happened to the bride throwing her bouquet backwards?)
"Take it! Just get engaged first and then leave the guy!" with a big wide grin. "Ah! Ok!" with a bigger grin.

Now as you can see, this flower has withered and no one has come. Was she lying? Was she kidding me? She gave me hope! How could she not grant me her wish (notice that it is her wish not mine).

I lay my piece of fortune on my desk. I look at it wither as the days pass by, and I wither along.

The End

- The lady gave the same flower and the same wish to all singles on their way out till the bouquet was left all green. I wonder if her wish came true to any of the girls.
- If you liked this post, wait for part two called "Dead Rose".


Hopeless Poet said...

Nice rose ;)
So you only were asked once if you got engaged or not? Whenever I go to a wedding there are like 10 people asking me that question! And if my friends were there they will sing about singlemen in the Zaffa and all look at me, then all strangers look at me and say get married man!

Purgatory said...

So do you or don't you want her wish to come true :)?

ClOuDs said...

Oh I hate this situaton!!
" ma malachtay??"
"ma tezawajtay??"
i hate these questions!! shtaboon !!
and i hate it when an old lady look at you as a dress in a boutique then says:" la wee 9'3eeeraaa!!"
shtabeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen !!

stupid situations !! but nice post really :D i liked it & waiting for the next one :)

UzF said...

So buffets are really something to look forward to in a wedding party ha?
hehe cool :D *i dont feel lonely no more ;;)*

Flamingoliya said...

thanks :P who said once?! that was only one situation.
yalla get married man! :P

to get engaged and then leave him? who doesn't want that? :P

Clouds.. welcome!
your comment is funny :) i'm glad you liked the post thank you for dropping by.

UZF.. long time no see :)
sure they are, you're not alone ;) oo allah e3afeek.

Purgatory said...

I meant do you want to get married or not?

Broke said...

Flamy .. Good shot ..

طبعا ماكو اسخف من تعليقات الناس على البنات اللي نفسنا ...غصب يحسسونج انج غير ..
بس والله في وحدة تصير لي عمرها تقريبا 46 .. ومو متزوجة دايما ترد عليهم و تقول ..

اذا ما خذيناه بالدنيا ان شاالله راح ناخذه بالآخرة .. يعني اتجعمهم بطريقة ذربة


Flamingoliya said...


thanks. khoosh rad, bas ana ma3arf el tharaba lamma a3assib :P

Jewaira said...

What is the logic behind the old lady's statement: get engaged and then leave the guy??
It's not a game is it?

Purgatory said...

ok, that is the flfl I know :) you scared me a for a while.

Hopeless Poet said...

7atta anty ya Flamingoliya? :(
Ok do you have a nice suitable girl for me? ;)

Ra-1 said...

Flamingo ...
esh-salfat hal mara! lesh etwaze3 flowers? LOL
I like this post :)

Flamingoliya said...

hehehe i guess she only said that as a reaction to my response; not wanting to get married :)

Purg haha! :P

hmmm but i don't know what you want in a girl!

hehehe i don't know! it's either she felt sorry for us, or mit7asfa 3al bouquet to be left in the hotel :P
glad you liked it :)

Broke said...

Flaaam .. check my last post plz .. ;D

Shurouq said...

Yalla Flamingoliya,
I'm tuned in.. Where's part 2? :)

Flamingoliya said...

Broken :)

Shurouq hehe.. it's cooking :P
thanks :)

Hopeless Poet said...

I am not picky! You already know a lot of my characters so you should know what kind of girl will be suitable for me :P
You will become a match maker ;)

Papillona ® said...
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Papillona ® said...

ah the 'M' word

Flamingoliya said...

Poet.. then i don't have one for you :P

Sarah.. welcome :) yes M word. 3asanna el M enshalla ;p