Friday, May 06, 2005

I Traveled To Fahaheel

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I am jealous! All my life I felt pity for people living in Fahaheel especially at college when they travel all the way to get on time. They always got on time while I was the one who got kicked out of class.

So I went to Fahaheel. I went to Al Koot. It was my second time. And I am even more impressed. I love it there. Some shops that aren't available here, the different kinds of people, and it's lovely fountain.

Last time I went there only Costa was open but today there were different cafes. And they are all good. Even on my way back I found Breadtalk! They have everything there that they don't need to come to the city. Sigh, our co-op is still struggling with it's lousy pastries. Fatayir em7aisen anyone? :p
Even our samboosa guy sucks (yes MsBaker I am jealous of yours).

Best thing there (I promised not to tell and keep it for myself but I just can't) you can find your size! Whether for garments or shoes although the place is full of people! Even on sales when shops here are out of stocks, you can still find stocks there.

Ok I made enough of a da3aya. Yes I had dinner there but it was for take away. Wouldn't look good in a picture.


Bloo said...

mind you, f7e7eel doesn't need da3aya..
here are some beginner's guide on f7e7eel:

1. its not saba7eya
2. its not tha7yat saba7 esalim
3. its not a7madi
4. f7ee7eel has everything from garage to supermall and hotels, the final step in declaring it a country would be to have an embassy in Kuwait city-well under establishment since 3sam al-daboous got in the parilment
5. f7e7eel rocked way long before al koot, way long before ajyal.. it had a cinema complex but it went on fire one day-we were told as kids that the actor in the movie was smoking heaviliy that he burnts the theatre.
6. i live there -duh!
7. soon, a rotana hotel will open in the warathat a7mad al jaber area
8. warathat a7mad al jaber area is the best spot in all of f7ee7eel, all of kuwait-in my opinion- combined, except it got knocked down and bought for expanded buisiness.
9. in the display design at FANAR mall of project:f7e7eel city, it actually shows up my house :DD

10. the most famous share3 in f7e7eel is share3 macka-share3 al ma6a3im, behind it exactly is our house : ay shay vintage baji bas raqm elbait!! :D

11. block 10(loooooooooool) is the sophistacted 7athar o mit7athreen badu place in f7ee7eel. there lives alot of famous people or their relaitves, like the former modeer for bank etasleef, the sister of abo al7san the ex- e3lam minister,

12. if some one claims he lives in f7ee7eel and doesnt know m7amad alyas, he/she is a big fat liar.

:D good morning, i'm happy as a local to be the first commenting on this post.

Flamingoliya said...

Vintage! what house number? LOL
hey walla you were on my mind and i looked around but found no houses, looking from the parking that is. all i found were some buildings.
your comment is fit for a tour guide. i'll bare that in mind next time i go there. too bad i can't go there anytime alone. safra lazim ma7ram, hehe ;p
5. i haven't been to ajyal, where is it located?
LOL @ the fire legend.
12. i live in fahaheel, but i don't know mohammad elyas :P who's he?

good morning to you too. your comment was expected ;) but at 5:43?! you blog before going to work!? :P and they call me an addict! :P~

on our way, we accidently went through a street that was full of shops and on the right side there was a wide long building that was under construction (that used to be a parking lot i think) sheno hatha, kil hatha o matabini feel jealous? it's becoming like a shopping city just like Dubai! anyway what caught my attention was the large number of foreigners, mostly indians. it felt like cruising around kuwait city. it IS a city like you said. o 3oqbal el embassy.

Purgatory said...

Vintage :)

Ra-1 said...

I went to al Kout one time only...
3ajeeb! and I liked the cinema comfortable seats :)

Flamingoliya said...

i didn't check out their cinema yet :)

Blossom said...

Hmmm , I haven't been to Al-Kout yet cuz I think I need a whole day to explore the area ...

Nice shot, did you shoot it yourself?

Flamingoliya said...

it's no that big, cos half of it is for fruits and vegtables. the shopping area is smaller than soug sharg.

thanks :) yes i did. you can see 2 more when you click on it.

Broke said...

I totally agree with You Falmy ..I really ejoyedit when I was there .. 9ij very nice place .

بس في عيب واحد .. صالة الطاعم وايد صغيرة .. ما فيها طاولات كفاية

يعني تخيلي كانوا الاوادم يطلون بصحون بعض .. يشوفون من اللي يخلص عشان يقعدون مكانه .. هذا اول ما فتح طبعا و كان يوم الجمعة

الصراحة اول مرة يصير فينا هالموقف .. ضحك

Rawand said...

I hope you've followed shouroq's rolls nasa2e7 for Islamic shopping while there.

Lol just kidding. I am glad you had fun.

Bloo said...

before working time big time, it ws like i woke up... prayed, and logged in :D

ajyal is the light blue reddish topped building in the bara7a acrooss from the orange dabbous houses/ it has some good shops:benetton, reva, arcade for children.
u can not be living in f7e7eel not knowing m7amad alyas -TRUST ME

well.. no matter how mistaken u got, u didnt dwelt enough to check out bombay city in f7e7eel.. im sure if u did, u would have kept ur blog completely about it.
thats my end of work time comment -shofay shkithir ana miltazma :DD

cinema in f7e7eel: two , one in ajyal , one in koot, and the one in koot is the most sophisticated in all of kuwait
let me say that again to sound sophisticated :)

or bter u go and check it out :)

good working day? .... yeah, productive,
and if im comment mape purgy laugh, thats enuf for me.

Flamingoliya said...

oh hehe.. i looked from a far didn't pay attention to the tables. bas sij ghala6 mo 7asbeen e7sabhom. go to the nafoora wayid a7la :)

LOL she was on my mind the whole way!.. thanks :)

i'll look for it next time. so who's that guy you keep talking about?
bombay city ba3ad? where?!
how's the cinema sophisticated? comfortable chairs mathalan?
tara i didn't find that magazine of yours.

Jewaira said...

very interesting post flamingoliya :) been wanting to go there for ages.

Bloo said...

7abeebti ya kuwait is found in sultan center, in muthanna bookshop, in virgin megastore... and i suppose in shameya jam3eya..

madre about the cinema chairs, but the sound system rocks

Ms.Baker said...

Ishloonich ya Flaming, waleht 3alaych! Ee walla, Yabeela roo7a to al-kout, I have heard many great things about it. And 7ayyach anytime to Sambusa Guy's place ;) Try fatayir il-Bara7a - they are amazing!

Flamingoliya said...

thank you Jewaira :) you shouldn't miss it. the place around the fountain is inspirational for writers, don't forget to take your note book with you :)

Vintage oh ok, will check it out.

MsBaker! ana walaht 3alaich akthar! please blog more!
fatayir il-Bara7a? Ok, location and number please! :)

Bloo said...

if i tell u who m7amad el yas is.. even though i may state facts, it would look like 'ga3da asebba... he's a good guy.. let me try to put it in words.........

he's the one who does our mu6abbat.. ya3ni no baladeya stands in his way, he comes up to our house.. and other's and says hi to the people /girls and boys.. o m7ad y7acheer... laish ya flamingoleya??? guy's half crazy -wel... that's what they said when he married the third time any way.

Flamingoliya said...

Vintage... i see!!
they called him crazy for marrying 3 times? then we have many crazy men here :P

Ra-1 said...

e sawoo da3aya 7ag fa6ayer ilbara7a ;p it is really good :)

Flamingoliya said...

Ra-1 hehehe.. where is it!? tara i don't know it.