Friday, May 06, 2005

Oh Dusty Days

So it was a dusty gloomy day. Nothing to do, no where to go except to ..... where I was so hungry and ordered ....... which made me so thirsty that I drank .........
I was full but I couldn't help but share her with her ........... I finished my meal but something was missing. I had a headache so I drank .............. I couldn't drink it alone so I ordered ............... along. They should always be combined even if I was full. BUT then I was not only feeling sleepy but also FULL. So I drank .............. On our way home, I was hardly opening my eyes to drive, while she was lying beside me with her mouth wide open; half a sleep.

Rearrange the pics ;)


Armani.Lab said...

u ate the pizza then shared the sandwich of ur friend or vice versa...n then u ordered ur lemon with n3na3...then the pizza/sandwich!

then u ordered a cappichino n had to have some sweet (crep) with it..

at the end it was green tea??

hope i got it rite...good nite ;)

Purgatory said...


Q80-Chill Girl said...

First its water lemon :D i had that crep over there + the coloured water table thingie gave me a big hint :D .. I hope u went to the Raya one its very nice there I like having a good time over there especially in mid-week days its almost empty...

pictures order:


am guessing am close ;p

Jelly Belly said...

waleen kil ma adesh blog 7a6een 9orat I really got the munchies kila menkom :P

everything looks very hungry.

Flamingoliya said...

so far you're the closest. but are you sure that is green tea? :)

allah ye3afeek.

Chill girl
you got the hint ;) but unfortunately it was at Marina mall. so crowded and noisy. i LOVE the water table in Raya :)

how come you started the arrangement with dessert? :P it seems that the crepe shawigach wayid hehe.

Jelly belly
hehehe sorry :P

Armani.Lab said...

chay n3na3??

Flamingoliya said...

yes chay ni3na3 :) the sandwich was mine, pizza was shared.

Armani.lab WINS the food order

Q80-Chill Girl WINS the name of the restaurant

thank you all for participating :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Flam :D I started my list with "2" the sandwitch not the crep ;p

yesterday I was in marina with a friend waaaayd hadi @@ waterlemon is ALMOST empty hmm heck even starbucks elly kela PACKED with ppl was empty too ;p

Flamingoliya said...

Chillgirl.. SORRY! my mistake! :/
how did i miss that!! i thought number 1 is what i started with and so forth.

Q80-Chill Girl WINS the whole quiz!
sorry Armani! :P oh well.. Armani.Lab WINS the second place 3ashan matiz3ileen :)

Chillgirl.. yeah it was crowded cos weekend and a bit late.