Friday, June 10, 2005

Honey, Where are you?

A married lady called Khalid Abdul-Jaleel, the lawyer, on his weekly radio program (Saturday, 2pm) asking about her husband's behaviour. She says that he stays in the bathroom for 1-4 hours and when she asks him why he takes so long, all he says is "why are you in a hurry?". Khalid Abdul-Jaleel had no solution or an explanation to the problem as he only deals with law cases. But he added that this is the third same problem he hears in one week. He advised her to check with a psychologist.

So guys and gals, what do you think is keeping the husband for long hours in the bathroom?

Interesting topics I read on Al Watan newspaper today Friday:

1. Chef Abeer Al-Rashid says: "The way to an oriental man's heart is through his mind, and not his stomach".

2. Latest mode: Lie tests for men proposing for marriage.


shosho said...

I think he is reading a magazine of a highly intelllectual content glossed with pictures of good-looking women in compromising poses and wearing absolutely nothing....

1- I thought it was through his eyes. You don't believe me? Read what I wrote above.

2- Now why would they lie about that? Aslan bi6loo3 el roo7 they propose, and then you want to make sure it's not a lie, who cares, marry them and let them suffer :P

Ms.Baker said...

Bal bal bal.... lie detector tests? What have we become?? :(
Why marry at all if you have to marry like that?
:( :(
Better to stay 3anis.

Khalid Abdul-Jaleel's show is pretty good isn't it? I have only heard parts of it, but really he is doing an excellent thing for a troubled society.

Bathroom guy? Either : 1) Irritable bowel syndrome 2) obsession with something "other" than his wife (a7em) doesn't need psychiatry, Mr. Khalid was just being delicate and polite ;)

AyyA said...

Shosho & MsB
LOL, good one ;)

Anti_Reason said...

Hmmm. The bathroom fella; is he by any chance the Honda sales guy, patiently waiting for Hondas sale of the century to end?
(I know this is corny, its for those who recall that TV commercial! :-)

Flamingoliya said...

LOL! sij tha77akteeni :) kalamich enaggi6 7ikam.
1. i totally agree!

3anis forever ;)
apart from Khalid's topics, i like his style of speech. harsh, realistic, but sweet and funny.
1. hehe i don't think so :p
2. i agree!

good to see you here :)

Flamingoliya said...

although i can't recall that commercial, but i can imagine it was funny :)
welcome here :)

Purgatory said...

why are you obsessed with men's behavior, marriage, relationships, love?

Flamingoliya said...

why are you obsessed with penguins?

Purgatory said...

Penguin is not an obession, it is a theme, while yours is an obession, a deep rooted obession.

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

Cuz we have no life ;P

Bathroom husband hehehhehe he either sick or sick
The first thing that popped in my mind was a secret hobby. C’mon Hobbies are good ;P

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

Oh and Shosho....

Purgatory said...

I want her to answer

Flamingoliya said...

i don't wish to generate a long discussion here regarding my blog and posts.

a secret hobby in the bathroom?! for 4 hours? what hobby would that be?
the only one i can think of is reading. and i personally don't like or do that. there are much more pleasant places to spend time at.

Purgatory said...

Ok, we will not go into that then, and you got what I mean.

Judy Abbott said...

purg why are you obssessed with this word (obssessed??_)

flam dear: i think this is very normale men find peace in bathrooms and so femals... many men like to sit in there do heir thing hidden from their wife its the only place she can leave him in peace and he kind find him self lost with things he love without her affect.
i think this is a very normal thing but yet not healthy.

Flamingoliya said...

lost in things he loves in the bathroom for up to 4 hours?! hmmm!!

Purgatory said...

nooni, sh7qa malgoofa?

Judy Abbott said...

flam oh yes dear :) sometimes it reaches 6 hours ..i read this on cosmopolatineits common /

purg: no idea (sorry)

Playa Hater said...

This guy (the husband) is a member of the Bathroom Readers' Institute (dedicated to better bathroom reading)

Bathroom Reader

So its simple the guy is just a well rounded Intellectual who likes to read! What’s wrong with that?

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

Flam, I thought you had a wild imagination, use it ;P

مبتدئ said...

Maybe he keeps his laptop there and blogs in the bathroom away from his wife ..

la I dont think so ..

ili i6awil bil 7ammam lazim ikon 3ithra ma3ah,, ba3dain murtah malgoofah!

Whos Chef Al Rashid? .. famous?
through his mind :|..akhaf bas
We need foooooooood. Feed us, we will love you. Done deal.

About the detector, Do girls REALLY want to know the WHOLE truth?

If they know it, they would never get married.

Papillona ® said...

she's his wife, she must know him well, so if she's noticed something weird it means her husband IS being weird, I don't think it has anything to do with "bathroom readers"..

Why can't men be honest with their wives? even if she was 'malgoofa' he should know how to deal with it and NOT push her to go around asking people if he hubby is facing a problem

he's got the answer, he should give it!

1. I hope it's true. that is IF he knows how to use it. plius, I don't know how to cook

2. lie detector tests?
No thanks!

عالية said...

he might have a girl friend he talks to in the bathroom,
lazim itfatsha itha ma3ah mobile gabil la idish il7amaam

Salted-Caramel said...

Yes. Maybe he is having an affair with another woman. He could be talking to her on the phone bil 7amam. Why not.

Anti_Reason said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anti_Reason said...

I doubt the bathroom is a good place to talk to his mistress on the mobile. The reverberations of his voice due to the lack of furnishings would amplify even the slightest whisper:-/

Maybe there is a new cult where individuals practice satanic rituals in private, hence the bathroom to dispose of the blood from sacrificed small animals? (The latest conspiracy theory coming soon from Muhammad 'Raq"i Fella' Al-Awadhi!).

*** Today lie detectors, tomorrow, … , what? Hypnosis! Lobotomy!! Oh, chips surgically implanted just before puberty, with a huge memory to record everything said and done and complete with GPS functionality ;-)

*** Emmm (a la Homer Simpson)! Brainy fooood!

Broke said...

Flam ..I heard a similar story ..and the wife discovered that her husband is (--) .. practicing his womanhood in the bathroom by wearing make up and dressing like a lady .. can u believe that !

Bus as Mobi said .. that man 3ethra ma3a .. tra mu shar6 enna ga3ed ysawe shay mo zain ..

يمكن وسواسي أو شي من هالنوع

بس كل شي جايز والله

Babby said...

if i were in the wife's SHoe ! i would DIRECTLY say that he got DRUG inside .. !

3ala 6oooooooooooooooool o0 men '3eer ay tafkeeer :\ heheh

"إن بعض الظن إثم "

i knew that .. bs still !! that would be my thought in view :P

ya3ny from 1-4 hours !!!!! @@ what might it be !

or maybe he felt sleepy whenever he enter bathroom's :P

wallah ma adri :P sounds WIREDO !! ;p

Shurouq said...

Look where your post got us, girl!

عالية said...


ee wallla
or drinking wine maybe
I would ask him not to lock the door o adish 3aleeh faj'a

Hopeless Poet said...

I think he is watching the stock market in Newyork Stock Exchange and taking care of business. :D

Or maybe he is getting in touch with his feminine side trying his wife make up and so on :P

Babby said...

tinky winky..
HEHEHE bel '6ab6 :P

o0 whevnever am IN .. agooool !!


Q80-Chill Girl said...

Hello flamoooo :}

I think she should ask him in an other way her femenin insticnt will lead her aided with her knowledge of him & his mental state :) by being close to him, if she can't be close enough to let him say it then they are not in love & this is an other damn typical marriage :) God help them

What is he doing there? I can not predict coz there are a lot of details missing over here :}

cosimfree911 said...

i think he read books there cos its very nice to read and no one there to bother you
and i think so cos i do it to ;)

W. said...

When someone says men, I remember this saying
اكل و مرعى وقلة صنعة

I think he's probably using viagra and was testing it.

1- The way through their heart is thru.. nah changed my mind.. too graphic
2- err.. too graphic as well

اغسلي يدك منهم بس بلا هم :)

Jewaira said...

The question is funny but the lady is malgoofah really.
Poor husband probably the only time he gets to be away from her to get some peace and quiet.

Is Chef Rashid a reliable source on male preferences?

Hehe, lie detectors like in Meet the Fockers! Poor men! Whatever next!

Flamingoliya said...

6 hours?! that is too much! allah la yableenna.

Playa Hater, welcome :)
interesting link. but why would he hide his intellect behind the bathroom door? this woman is complaining for not knowing what's keeping him inside!

Shopaholic Q8eya
oh ok hehe ;)

blogging! you got it! that didn't cross my mind at all. (maybe he has a secret blog ;)
I don't know that chef, which means she isn't famous. so food is all what it takes? (i should visit the kitchen more often)
"If they know it, they would never get married" ee wallah. that would be the only draw back.

good point about honesty. no one would have to go ask around. but maybe him not telling means he's guilty with something.
1. If he knows how to use it? hehehe

Tinky Winky & Caramel
hmmmm could be. what a romantic place to talk to a girl friend!

hmm i don't think whispering can be overheard.
satanic? i trace and kill ants in the bathroom, does that make me one? :p
chips and all? wow! you have a wide imagination. that would be a great idea but i don't think any girl would get married.
brainy food? good combination :)

allah la yableenna. but for 4 hours?! we women don't spend that much time. I guess the thing that's making the wife suspect her husband or just ask around is that he's not telling her a reason! having wiswaas isn't a secret to hide, and can be even cured.

drug marrah wa7da?! if that was the problem she would know that already as it shows in some other ways.
we are all suspecting here. don't worry :) ..sleepy? maybe!

(wide grin and a wink)

Hopeless Poet
stock shouldn't be a secret. trying makeup? why not ask his wife to teach him? they can share :p

Chill Girl, hello :)
allah esabbirha oo yahdi zojha :)

why would reading books be secret? he's not telling her so.


4 hours and malgoofa?! i think she should use the lie detector to find out what he's doing :)
I have no idea about the Chef.

cosimfree911 said...

3ail ethaa moo reading akead hatheee mortaa 7anaaanaaa oo albathroom arye7 men emjabalhaa oo 7anat'haaa y3nee ohwaa 5ayef menhaaa

Anti_Reason said...


The hard tiling in a typical Kuwaiti bathroom amplifies sounds. If the man is a timid husband, I doubt that he’ll risk spending hours in an already suspicious seclusion, only to risk having his wife eavesdropping from the other side of the bathroom door, no :-/

Regarding the chips – actually I’m working on a device of the sort – but its not gonna be surgically implanted, and its purpose is not to snoop on a spouse (either current or potential); after all, real objectives are rather boring compared to other juicier alternatives!

My own recipe for brainy foods: lotsa fine chocolates & coffee!

Flamingoliya said...

hehe could be.

interesting! what are it's objectives? :)

that is MY brainy food :)