Tuesday, June 14, 2005

White Pigeon

I ran over a white fat pigeon standing on a curve coming from the highway
I felt it being crashed under my car (not under the tires)
I saw it in the mirror being split in to pieces
It's white feathers flying in the air
I saw it on my way but I thought it would fly
I had no time to think or move, as I was on a curve

Please forgive me :~(


Salted-Caramel said...

OMG, that's terrible! But don't worry. You didn't mean it. I'm sure you're forgiven.

These pigeons seriously need to learn that standing on a curve is fatal and that they should look both ways before crossing the road.

Matshoofin shar Flamingo.

W. said...

هين بس

الوعد عند بريدجت باردو


Flamingoliya said...

Caramel.. eshar mayeech, thanks. yes they should learn le code de la route!

W. tara al7een anadi (bimiroonik) :P

W. said...


يا سفا به يا فلامنجولية )منجو ولا منغو؟ حددي موقفك( ...مات من يجي اكثر من خمس سنين الله يرحمه

بس موب مثل الحمامة اللي دعستيها حسبي الله على ابليس


Ra-1 said...

oh :(

طلعي صدقة
دوري أي فقير اليوم وعطيه
وإن شالله ماكو إلا العافية إنتي ما كنتي قاصدة

Jewaira said...

My sympathies :)
I hope it wasn't someone's very expensive pigeon that they bought for thousands :P Usually pigeons manage to move out of the way at the last minute- except for hamam barr they are pretty thick-headed.

Babby said...


that's HURT :'(

ma tadren she9er feny etha sheft cat or pigeon mayet bel ROAD :(( wallah ahed el sekaan ma adri she9er feny etyeny 7alla :((

what then if u was the CAUSE .. ! i knew how does it feel .. DON'T WORRY HUN !!

hatha yomha ! o0 alah ketab ena e9er chethy ! o0 methel ma galat ra-1 .. et9adegay .. :) menha ajer o0 takfer thonob .. o0 ma 9ar ela el kheeer .. DON'T EVEN think about it .. hatha shay maktoob u did not meant it .. :) :)

Flamingoliya said...

Hamba :p
thank you i feel much better! :P~

I've got to find some change!

thank you :)
i hope not! it looked really nice, a dove of peace. it was either thick headed (LOL) or injured maybe?

me too :( i can't stand looking at dead/or dieing injured cats. i cry and can barely drive. I will atsaddaq enshalla.

W. said...

anytime babe :p

Anti_Reason said...

Ohhh, a vision of disillusioned peace!

“Out, out brief candle! Life is but a walking shadow…”

Flamingoliya said...

disillusioned peace, exactly!
el mawqif fits for peace/war ads.

Babby said...

khala9 o0 enshallah mako ela el 3afya .. just forget the view HUN :))

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

You murderer!!!!!


Papillona ® said...

aww 7araaaam.. you must have felt really baaad.. don't feel guilty you didn't mean it. or did you? @@

LiTTLE BiG said...


LiTTLE BiG said...


Hopeless Poet said...

I should write a poem about this pigeon :(

Flamingoliya said...

Dolphy, thanks :)

Shopaholic, :pP

Sarah, of course i didn't. but i blame myself for not thinking quick.

Little big :)

Poet :) when you do, please don't show it to me. i know it would be a sad one.

Blossom said...

OH that hurts :(

Anyway as long as you feel sorry then that's ok I think :/

Flamingoliya said...

thank you Blossom :)

Hopeless Poet said...

No it will be happy because I have heard that the pigeon you have killed was evil one :P

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Oh am sorry to hear that dear :( so sad!

but u can't change time just being sorry for it & not meaning it should make things back in place :)

The Don ® said...

I know you’re hurting.. but I couldn’t stop my self from laughing.. and it was not about your incident, no!! it reminded me of a Seinfeld episode when George hit one with his car, and his girlfriend left him because he didn’t stop to rescue it.. he had a theory, “ we try not to bother them on the street, and look the other way about them pooping all over the place, and not hate them for ruining the paint on our cars from their poop, and in return, they stay away from the road, and try not to get hit, so they don’t damage our cars”

That was his theory, now I remembered it when I read your story, and thought maybe if you had a boyfriend in the car with you, he would split up with you.. :P

Cheer up girl.. it happens.. and I had problems with bigger bloodier animals that I don’t want to mention.. it’s their luck.. and yours.. :))

W. said...


خلص الحداد الرسمي.. تراهم بس حمام يا بنت الحلال..لاااا ياريت المناحة على قطيع.. هي وحدة بس!!! ولك رووووووووئيييي يا صبيه


I bet you wanna slap me by now ;p

W. said...

استوعبت ان كلمة قطيع ما تطلق على الحيوانات اللي تطير.. ف راح استبدلها ب فوج

وهذا للاحاطة

Flamingoliya said...

Poet, oh really?! :P

Chill girl, true, thank you :)

LOL thank God I was alone!
bigger animals?! :/

Wasma, LOL.. 3olim :p

Babby said...

haaaa bashray .. ?

are u ok now ?

Ra-1 said...

how r u today???

Flamingoliya said...

Dolphy & Ra-1
I am ok, thank you for asking :D