Saturday, June 18, 2005

Random Thoughts

1. I heard a problem on the radio about a man who wants to marry a second wife while his first wife has a condition on their marriage certificate that he should never marry another woman. The lawyer was by the woman's side.

2. I heard that a divorced man becomes mo3aqqad after his first failure. He strives to not to repeat his mistakes.
I also heard that a divorced man becomes easy and flexible in his second marriage in order to save his second try.

3. Some people say that marriage out of love fails in most cases. Love does not last.
Other people who choose traditional marriage fail too.

4. Good religious men with no experience in relationships want to marry beautiful girls. They feel they deserve the best. Some of them even with beards look for girls not wearing veil. But once they marry her, they start imposing their rules. Why not look for someone who wears hijab from the beginning?

5. Regular men with experience don't care that much for beauty, they settle for less. Some look for a religious covered girl because they don't trust themselves. Some marry less fortunate girls because they know they would not feel jealous.

6. She wants to wear makeup, he doesn't want her to.

7. He's sick with an incurable disease. He wishes he had another disease even if it were a worse one. He thinks at least it would have it's medicine.

8. They were exchanging mobile shots and movies of a wedding that had famous singers. One exclaimed that it was great that mobiles weren't taken at the entrance of the wedding hall. The others mocked her "they would not dare to take our mobiles". They even shared watching the movies with men. They think that as long as the audience cannot be seen clearly, they would not be known. "So what's the problem? Just shut up Missy!"

Missy replied: "If it weren't for your actions, they wouldn't have thought of taking your mobiles away".

9. It is sad when I see that two people get married without their parent's approval. It usually ends in divorce either because of arising problems or the husband submitting to his parents command (mothers mostly). He proves his strong personality in the beginning, but fails to continue. Do parents have the right to disapprove a marriage?


Salted-Caramel said...

I love the new look Flamingo! ;) Pretty! As for the post. Hmmm.

1. So he can't get married until his wife agrees?

3. There's a 50/50 chance for a marriage to fail or succeed. I don't think it has to do with weather or not it was an arranged marriage or marriage out of love.

4. EXACTLY! I hate when people think that they have the right to change their spouse. Just accept them the way they are, or better yet.. don't marry them. PERIOD!

Flamingoliya said...

thanks! ;)
1. yes! or she asks for divorce and get ALL her rights.

4. what if you liked someone who had a flaw that can be amended?

Salted-Caramel said...

1. Really? I never knew that. So if any man wants to marry another woman, there's a law that says that his wife must agree otherwise she can get a divorce, including all her rights?

4. Don't they say: "Bu6bai3 mayooz 3an 6ab3a"? Something like that. But ok, I agree that some minor flaws can be altered, but not everything. Also, the person must be willing to change, not pressured. I dunno. Maybe it's just me.

cosimfree911 said...

halaa flam nice hear cut ;)

well i think if you get married to a women then you should like her the way she is and dont try changing her if you want some one with 7ejaab then just marry one from the beginning and get over with it

and geting married without your parent's approval sorry but that the most stuped think you can ever do to ur self and ur partner so think and rethink again before you do this thing i hope no one need to think about it some day

have nice day

W. said...

1- لاااا ويلومونني بعد.. اقولك يا شيخة،، ناس ما تملا عيونهم الا التراب

2- لا هم معقدين من الاصل.. شي لا محالة.. بس يوم شافوا ان المسآلة مصخت لبقوها بالطلاق... يكسرون الخاطر والله

3- الزواج من الحب يفشل عندنا بس... ليش؟؟ راجعي اللي كتبته رقم ١

4- اكرر.. راجعي ١.. وبعدين ترا لحية، بدون لحية.. بشنب ولا مدري وشو.. الخلطة وحدة.. اللهم الكريمة اللي فوقها مختلفه، فية السمن البلدي (رقاق) وفيه اللو فات (نغتس) بس بالخير كلة كيك.... اللي لين ابطا ما يصلح يتاكل

5-شر البلية ما يضحك.. والله ودك من يعمل تبرع لوجه الله لهل الشكال اللي طالما موجودة وبالبلد ميب فخير، يجيبلهم د. فيل ولا احد زمنهم يتسنعون

6- وش بتقولين؟؟ مريض.. حوالينا ولا علينا.. وتشوفينه لين طلع من البيت وهو مخزز بنات الناس بعيونه اللي جعلها بالحساسية اللي جتني العام فبيروت.. الحين يوم انها مرته قال لا؟ هالاشكال تكفين وشلون بتقلعها؟ الشرهة علي دكاترة هاليومين.. لين شافوا مثل هاذول المفروض يسونلهم ربط عشان نقطع النسل ابد مرة وحدة.. زمنهم ينقرضون

7- الله يشفي المرضى

8- مافهمت قصدك

9- طبعا لا بس هذا هو الواقع المرييييييررررررر

يحلييييلك والله استانست وانا افضفض.. مع اني حاسة ان بعض الناس موب عاجبهم الحتسي ;p

Salted-Caramel said...

9. Yes. Parents do have that right.

Broke said...

Good points .. Realistic post ..

Regarding no.2 ..That's the reason that make me wish 2 marry adivorced man .. I think that they beome more passionate with the second wife .

Shurouq said...

lol W,
I bloghop looking for you comments now!

2.Not really..

3. So, marriage fails.?

7. I can relate.. on another level though.

9. No. But look around, can you blame them?

Wardat_il'7leej said...

Frustrating when men try to pressure the woman into changing for his own ideals, why did he marry her in the first place? If you can’t accept her for what she was how can you expect her to change to what you want.

The Don ® said...

W. buddu3tay.. LOLOL

Flamin, as for number 4, what did you mean by "GOOD" religious men ? is there an implication here as others are not "GOOD"?? :/

Good religious men do it for the extra milage on their traveling card.. "more 7asanaat that is"

W. said...


LOOL I'm flattered wallah!!

W. said...

The Don,

بلا من الحرة اللي فقلييييييييبي.. بس وين اللي يحسسسسسس؟؟؟

Flamingoliya said...

1. not ANY man. only a man who's wife has a condition in their marriage contract that her husband shouldn't marry another. cool huh?

4. yes a person must be willing to change, or he/she will never do.

ahlain, thank you :)
true about the hijab, and I agree about parents approval.

LOL badda3tay :)
1. offf wayid shayla 3alaihom.
2. this cracked me up! sounds true.
7. ameen
8. you didn't get it? is that why no one commented on it? hmm, i think i need to
re-write it. but till i do.. it's about women taking mobile camera pictures and videos at weddings and then share them with female and male friends. so now some people get a security guard to take away mobiles that have a camera feature at the entrance of a wedding hall.

& say whatever you want, don't worry about people not agreeing with you. aham shay enna i totally agree ;)

Broke, thank you
2. hmmm walla I don't know if it's true or not.

3. only some :)
7. yeah me too
9. no, I don't blame them.

I couldn't agree more. but if one wanted a change, the other should be willing too.

of course not :) there are good and bad people from each kind. but what I meant there is that it's common here to call a man good when he doesn't have female relationships (same goes for females). BUT being religious isn't always the reason behind a man not having relations ships; he may be conservative, or simply shy!
more 7asanat? hmmm! ma3tiqid :)

Purgatory said...

I think you know my comment before I write it so need to repeat it.

Bloo said...

hi flamingoleya..

2. would write ur sentance all down as i agree with it.. except it includes single men rather than divorced. i personally know two men who had only one experience and live now to see 35 years of age.. failing to look at another girl.
and i thought it was decency... 6ala3 fear of failure :) thanks.

Flamingoliya said...

Vintage, true and sad :/