Sunday, June 05, 2005

Why Do fewer Women..

get married these days?

Because they would rather have bacon in the fridge, than a pig in the living room.


Purgatory said...

Hmm, shakoo bacon wo khanzeer?
mo 3aib hal 7achee.

shosho said...

Hmmm....I don't like bacon and I dont like pigs either,so what does that make of me?

Flamingoliya said...

Purg shil 3aib elli feeh?!

Shosho hehe! what would you like to have in the living room?

Blossom said...

Other questions to ask :

Why do older women marry younger guys these days ??

Why do taller women marry shorter guys?

why do educated women marry shallow guys ?

Purgatory said...

walla etha mo shayfa el3aib elee feeh, shtabeeni agoolech.

Judy Abbott said...

blossom ausome why not??
hmm but what is the relation between pigs and men?!! men are very great creature with great minds ! pig is very dirty filthy and dumb.
would u care to explain?

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

Nice one Flam,
Laish no one is getting the fuuny part? I admit, I rather have bacon than a pig. Bas almishkela inna we, sometimes, would die to get our pigs ;P

Salted-Caramel said...

Women are becoming more and more independent everyday. They work and are paid as much as men. sometimes more. They can stand up on their feet without male help, unlike the women in the past. Now that they got their voting rights, men and women are equals. Moo nagi9hom shay basically.

I don't know, but I think this could be one of the many reasons for why fewer women are getting married these days. Plus I think the idea of an unmarried woman is being accepted nowadays. In the past people thought of an unmarried woman in a strange way: "Leish ma tizawijat? Akeed feeha shay! Etc." (Don't you just hate that??). This idea still exists, bs madri a7is 9ar a bit 3adi. Oo more women are getting married at an older age, whereas in the past as soon as she hits her late 20's and is not married, people automatically assume something is wrong with her.

As for the pig and bacon, I have no comment. Although, I can see why Purgatory found this to be offending.

Wardat_il'7leej said...

Here here loooooooooool

There are ppl here that need to see the lighter side of things, and not take things literally.

Beeshooo said...

I don't know Y i feel that u need the Pig more than the bacon ;) ;)

just a feeling :) :)

Anonymous said...

hon ,, why do you care ,, ? ur statments reads to me ,, im a woman ,, thus i have to be married ,, ish shoo lah ? ;p

God made you for a better reason than being a FaQaSat KitaaKeeT

Purgatory said...

thanks SC for seeing my side :)

Flamingoliya said...

good questions.. i will try to answer
-Why do older women marry younger guys these days ??
easier prey - older men are taken.

- Why do taller women marry shorter guys?
it's because taller men are marrying short women.

-why do educated women marry shallow guys ?
because educated guys are marrying shallow women. so educated women are left with shallow guys.
a shallow guy wants an educated woman to fill in the gap while an educated man wants a shallow woman because he doesn't want a competitor, because he only cares about looks more than brains, and because he wants to feel superior.
wallaho a3lam.

i still don't get the 3aib part.

it's just a sarcastic, supposedly funny statement against men; bad men only.

wallah entay elli fahmatni ;)

i liked it when you mentioned "women have their voting rights now" it's new i still haven't gotten used to this new "we have our rights" thing :)
yes i hate it when they think that there might be something wrong with a single woman. DESPITE the fact that i myself sometimes wonder why that gorgeous great X person is still not married. then i remind myself that there's no equally great man for her. it is the truth and i am not just saying this. i hear alot of men's opinions regarding certain great women (she's too good for me, too educated, too religious)and such things.
i don't get why you and purg find pig/bacon offending. if you care to explain, email me please.

yes they should! thank you!! :)

pigs are cute animals :P

LOL! 3ashan eseer 3indi sayyara wiyya sibey.. plus villa 3ala 6alabey :P
FaQaSat KitaaKeeT ba3ad? you really made me laugh. thanks! and welcome to my blog :)

cosimfree911 said...

flam wasssup

well i think its funny i like it i know that im pig but what can i do ;)
i hope some day that i will find the young short educated woman :)
see yaa

Purgatory said...

mo hatheee elmoshkella! you do not see it!

Broke said...

Flamy ..TRue .. I hate PIGS ;)

Papillona ® said...

girls!!! don't be so negative!
aku good men out there but we only see bad examples. yes, women became more independent but the thing is we don't only need men for financial needs..
we need men period.
we need men as much as they need us :))

Ra-1 said...

pigs marra wa7da! LOL
9aj Purg 3aib :p

Purgatory said...

Ra-1 :)

Blossom said...

Thanks for your explanation :)

pretty impressive :)

Armani.Lab said...

sho el's an expression..stop micro thinking & understand the meaning instead of the just reading the words..

Rawand said...

lol lol lol
I just love bacon soooooo much lol

Salted-Caramel said...

Purgatory: It's just how I feel. Anytime! :)

Flamingo: Pig and Bacon. I know you don't mean it the literal way, but I would personally be offended if a guy was to refer to women as pigs and bacon. I dunno. Maybe it's just me. And Purgatory. And Ra-1. :P

Purgatory said...

Well its her and anybody else who does not object to this expression.

Using references to such a dirty animal and connecting it to people, especially us muslims, is an insult.

I take it very personally and I will object to it again. You should be ashamed for accepting this expression as normal, and for seeing it as light humor.

I will not comment on the others who did not object, my problem is with you not seeing the wrong in this expression.

Broke said...

لازم تقلبون كل شي نكد


Even in blogs ..
Mu kfayah 3alaina the seriousness of our daily life ..

Cheer up shway sheno hatha !

ob3dain Flamy write whatever u wish .. o 6anshay plz

Eve said...

hahaha, liked it a lot. I'm even using it to tease male colleagues at work :-)

Purgatory said...


I do not think she is annoyed by my points, she knows me well enough by now to understand my comments, which come in different shapes and forms.

She is a dear friend, and that is why I am not worried about what I say on her blog.

Salted-Caramel said...

To everyone who thinks I, or anyone else, took this very seriously, well I just like to point out that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Weather I see the offense or the humor in this is completely up to me. Flamingo has every right to post about anything she wishes to, just like everyone else can. And we as fellow Bloggers (commentators) have every right to agree or disagree. In the end, isn’t this what blogging is all about? Sharing views and opinions? Agreeing and disagreeing?

Flamingo: :)

Purgatory said...

SC, I like you more each day :)

Salted-Caramel said...


Ra-1 said...

I like her too ;)

Salted-Caramel said...

Lol. I like you all too. :P

Flamingoliya said...

LOL! your comment really made me laugh! :D

you're right. we need them. I just need to see the good ones though.

anytime dear ;)

we share the same passion then ;)

oh well, the only thing i dared to do is to stick it on my desk ;)

Broke & Armani
loved your comments :*

e7em.. as for Purg, Ra-1, and Caramel of course you are entitled to share your views but the thing is i still don't see why you find it offensive :P and that is just my view :)
Broke and Armani said it all, thanks to them.
btw, this motto of mine has been hanging on my desk for months now. if i knew it would generate this long discussion, i would've shared it long ago. it was interesting reading all your comments :) sank you.
oh and btw, ya Ra-1, Purg and Caramel.. having it hung on my desk all this time.. do you think that is why till now no one proposed from work atmosphere? :P

Flamingoliya said...

what about me? :( doesn't anyone like me here? :P

Salted-Caramel said...

Flamingo: I like you.

As for the thing hanging on your desk, no I don't think that's the reason. I think it's because the men at your workplace are blind.

Flamingoliya said...

Caramel :) I like you too. and it was like from first sight; meaning i liked your nickname first time i saw it hehe.

as for the office, that is sweet! i like you more now! hehehe

(it's funny how we all ended up expressing our feelings at the end of this post)

Salted-Caramel said...

I know (Monica voice)!! ;)

I like you. You like me. We're a liking family. With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. Ta na na na naa naa naaaaa! (Forgot the lyrics!)

Flamingoliya said...


i like you, and you like me too

doesn't it end with this? that's what i remember from Barney!

Purgatory said...

I say take it away wo besech kharabee6.