Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Haunted House (2)

My friend’s idea was to visit the cursed house. I thought that she was only joking or trying to scare me, but I was wrong. My friend had already decided and packed her stuff for the wild trip. At first, I thought that it was a silly idea, but then I realized that by this trip I will be able to prove her wrong and assert my scientific realistic theory; that there is no such thing as a ghost or a demon. And finally after her long nagging; I agreed. I wanted to free my friend from the worry and fear she lived in.

The big day had come. We packed some food and water. My friend surprised me with a knife hidden in her pocket in case of a ….. I did not know! I guess she wanted to feel safe with a simple weapon. I told her that a knife can not kill ghosts since they aren’t made of flesh and blood like humans. My intention was to tease her but she took it seriously and stole her father’s gun. I took my diary to make sure I’d write down the state of mind my friend was in so that she would laugh at herself after discovering how foolish she was.

The time has arrived, so we started our five meter journey to the old deserted two story house. Our first stop was the external gate. I stood there watching the view of the inside garden; it looked stunning. The grass was tall, and the trees were scattered here and there. It looked unorganized but I admired the greenery and wondered how it survived the hot climate. Despite the trash thrown all over the place, I imagined that with a little gardener’s touch it would’ve looked like paradise. At that point my friend Salma started saying her prayers as a protection from demons so I did the same. I had to take my precautions in case she turned out to be right.

After we were done with our prayers, Salma climbed the gate. She did it skillfully because she was an acrobat. As for me, I was like an 80 year old crumbled old lady with heavy bodily fat. My friend of course started to make fun of me as I tried hard to hold on to the fence. I didn’t want to fall, neither to break the gate. Climbing up the fence seemed easy but landing on the floor took more time. I couldn’t just jump. What if I broke a bone or something. So after strenuous effort I landed safely on the ground. I took a deep breath and started my discovery.

The Haunted House (1)


W. said...

laish el3athaab? LOL

Shopaholic Q8eya said...


Salted-Caramel said...

Wish I could join you guys!! :/

Flamingoliya said...

W. & Shopa heheheeeee I'm enjoying this ;P

Salty wala ehimmich, I was planning to visit the white and baby blue ghost house in Salmiya, but last time I checked it wasn't there I saw a mosque instead. So if it's really not there, we shall go to Gasir Mishrif.

Salted-Caramel said...

WANASA! :D I'd love to check it out.

Broke said...

Flamy ..3alaich sewalif ..3ajeeba ..I enjoyed reading them ;)