Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Repeat after me

نداء للصامدون على أرض الوطن
نداء للصابرون على عرق البدن
نداء للحالمون بجنات عدن

Repeat after me
الدنيا ربيع والجو بديع
الدنيا ربيع والجو بديع
الدنيا ربيع والجو بديع
الدنيا ربيع والجو بديع

Who said NLP works? It doesn't!

I can't breath!!


Salted-Caramel said...

What are you talking about? Am confused.

Shopaholic Q8eya said...


iDip said...

NLP in none-sense!

it's like saying "I want to be hypnotized, please"


Bloo said...

if you saw that movie of gweneth platrow and i dont know who.. it says about a guy who changes his perspective and sees-inner beauty- and he had this therapy-switch by the biggest guy of NLP: anthony robbins.. at first, i didn't believe of it more than a fantastically written movie.. then i read his book, it actually makes u 'literally bsara7a' a positive sign...

come the week after, i met a pro-NLP character who every time i tell her-that guy is cute- she says: he will be ur husband, just believe it that way
'no buts!!! he will be"
..didnt even give me a chance to say..but he is married already :D

but all in all, NLP is still a religiously-accepted concept for me-to some extent.. and flfl, it works :)

Papillona ® said...

yeah perfect for steam bath hahahha

Broke said...

LOoL ..Badda3tay ...

Ana ba3aref le meta benta7al6am 3ala jawna ..kel sena hal 7azza ngool 7ar r6ooba .. '7eesa .. Chenna shay yedeeed .. ;)

Broke said...

9ij ..NLP might work with everything but not our weather it's NLP resistant ..:P

W. said...

Listen to the remixed version of "we belong together" by mariah carey

ull feel better :*

Spontaneousnessity said...

sij? was it ever as humid as it was yesterday? I almost choked! and I thought weather never bothers me, yesterday proved me wrong!

Q80-Chill Girl said...

الدنيا ربيع والجو بديع
الدنيا ربيع والجو بديع
الدنيا ربيع والجو بديع
الدنيا ربيع والجو بديع

it works for me as long as HUMIDITY is out of it :} .. heat I can bare & fight whith an AC as we all do :> .. B-U-T HUMIDITY is a dissaster & this year it gave us an early appetizer ;) its usually after 15-8 this year its saying:

am back >:@ & am back for gooooooood

Allah ystr

A3sab said...

Hi there,
I never beleived in NLP, Feng Shui and all that crap (no offense for those who believe). I think its a all a waste of time.
As for the weather, believe it or not, I'd rather suffer through humidity than go through a sand storm or dusty weather.

Flamingoliya said...

It was VERY humid that day, VERY.

eee :( bring us some London cool breaze.

exactly! it's like fooling myself!

married? LOL :P
I tried it and it didn't work. maybe i need a better treatment.


hehe walla entay elli etqadreen shi3ri el naba6ey :P
ebsara7a? ee chinna shay yideed. it's too much.

Flamingoliya said...

W. thanks!

it never bothered you?! thank Allah we have AC.

Chill girl
back for good? LOL chinna ghost. AC is a blessing!

A3sab, hello :)
NLP is like telling yourself to change. so if you have the will power, you will change, ya3ni no need for what's called NLP.
you have a point about humidity, but still, that day i really couldn't breath!

Armani.Lab said...

NLP sucks...it doesnt work 4 me @ all...

Hey Flamin ;)

ray said...

funny :P

Flamingoliya said...

Armani! where have you been!

Ray ;)