Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Car Crash

Every now and then, I find out that my car has been crashed. When or where? How or by whom? I don’t know. I just fixed my broken light shield a few weeks ago, only to find today that the other is broken too.
I’ve been getting such crashes since I bought my car. I don’t know whether there’s something wrong with my car for getting such sudden crashes, and therefore buy a new one or if this is common in Kuwait.
Two weeks ago I decided to buy a new car, only to get hit the next morning. Was it a sign for me to insist on buying one or the opposite?


A3sab said...

what gets on my nerves is when people intentionally scratch cars with their keys out of envy

Delicately Realistic said...

E a3sab! Tha happened to my cousin, it was brand new, o her first car maskeena. All away around the car and on the trunk.

Flamingoliya maybe your parking in sticky places.


3baid said...

It's likely that someone bumped into it at a cramped parking lot. Check all corners before and after parking to be on the safe side.

Peach said...

argh!! I have garage phobia from all the car trouble I've had ;<

tif tif tif .. eshari bara o b3eed
eshari barra o b3eeed!!!

Weather u get a new one or keep the old one .. just park at good places and for gods sake keep ur eyes on her and keep her safe from predators and accident seekers at all times!! The Poor Poor Thing!! I can't breath ..I can't .. I think I'm having a dizzy spell!!

<----- she fell down .. couldn't handle the car talk!

Flamingoliya said...

i hate that!!!

DR, 3baid, Peach
walla i don't, never! only in emergency situations for a few minutes only. like when parking very close to the gate and running to punch my card in the morning :P then go back and park well.

i keep checking after each crash but then it becomes a habit so i quit. i don't want to be too obsessed.

LOL garage phobia? hehehe
so i assume you park at good places now. do you still get crashes?
i wish i could help you with the garage phobia. just stay safe :D use your sister's car :P