Wednesday, October 19, 2005

High heels and I

I confess that I have powers or in Kuwaiti terms, bad eyes. I for starters don’t like high heels especially the very thin and very high ones. I think they look cheap and I hate the sound of them. The last high heels I bought had that sound which I hated so I stuck a piece of rubber underneath to prevent the sound.
So to cut the story short, I noticed that whenever I lay my eyes on high heels, the woman trips. Believe me it is not intentional. I swear that it is not. She either trips or her shoes fall. It reached a point that one of my victims had a humpty dumpty great fall. She couldn’t move her feet. She was taken by the ambulance and stayed 2 or 3 weeks at home. She sprained her knees.

I thought that my problem was only with high heels. But, last time I went to the co-op two couples were walking in front of me heading for their car. I was pissed at the man who was totally dependent on his wife. She was pushing the cart wheel full of groceries with her baby seated on the baby seat too. So what happened? Suddenly things started falling from the cart wheel and the husband started colleting cucumbers and the rest of the vegetables which were placed at the bottom of the cart wheel.

I tried to test my powers if they work intentionally like for people who deserve it or people I don’t like but it didn’t work. It all works unconsciously.


A3sab said...


ish-hal nasha6 ilyoum...mashala ya walashay ya 4 postat ma3aba3ath

Delicately Realistic said...


has any of your friends made any hints?

Cuz we know a girl and shes really really bad, the stories I could friend gamat tgolaha...golay mashAllah!

A7is ina your tall, so yu don't need heels anyway. Sa7?

*pizzazz* said...

girl, u're gifted?

u should ur super powers for good things, don't convert to the path of evil :P~

3baid said...

"It all works unconsciously."

It's not you, it's the cheap shoes that break randomly :P

Peach said...

damn it girl! U have one heck of a scary unconscious 7oba!! lol

I don't think it's 7asad though, otherwise you would have been able to do it at will! .. it's just a 7oba .. and a bad one!! lol I'd better make sure to keep on ur good side ;)

Flamingoliya said...

on the same day i posted this, i saw my friend wearing heels with an outfit that would look better with flat shoes. i only expressed what i thought! but then, she also tripped :(

be ware ;p

eee hehe, that's me. if i didn't write what's on my mind straight away, i loose it! and since i get inspired when driving most of the time i loose it when i get back home. that day, my insperation came late at night and i sacrifised my night sleep and posted ;p

hehehe well only once for bad eye. i told a friend that her sister had clear skin only to get pimples the next day :P since then i started saying mashallah.
but i don't think it's bad eye when it comes to heels. since bad eye takes effect when you like something. and i don't like heels! so i'd better call it la3nat el fara3ina or something :P

it's more of can't walk straight with heels rather than don't need them hehe ;p

i think! ;p
i'm unconsiously evil, shasawwi! :P

LOL :p i wish! but the truth is not. the friend i mentioned above wore expensive heels.

hehehe :P
yes 7oba, cos 7asad would only work if i liked heels!!
yes, be good around me or else! :P

William said...

Wow, I hope you never think bad about me when I'm wearing heels. Wait, that isn't gonna happen, but don't think bad about me anyway! I don't wanna sprain my knees.

Flamingoliya said...

LOL, ok, but you have to give me reasons for not thinking bad about you ;p

Broke said...

Flam .. Believe me or not I have the same thing .. My sis always blame me for this .. Bas wallah it's unintentional ..I don't think it's 7asad .. madri sheno bethab6 ..

Flamingoliya said...

super powers ;)

Flamingoliya said...

i'm always worried that it would happen to me in return.