Sunday, October 23, 2005

I Want a Poet

أريده شاعرا

أريد زوجا شاعرا
شكل نزار قباني يعجبني وهو يكتب شعره
وهو يتغنى به
وهو يتغزل به


ماذا لو افتضح نفسه
ماذا لو اكتشفت خيانته
أو ظهر نوعا من البغض

هل سأصدق كلامه بأن نصف الشعر خيال
أم سأصدق حدسي ويدق ناقوس الخطر

أظنني لست بأفضل من زوجة نزار قباني
أظنها صبرت كثيرا

أنا والصبر أعداء
لا أريد شاعرا


Papillona ® said...

All I need is some romance, I dont want a poet.

Nizar qabbani is a player, If I were his wife I would have hung him and his lovers all over my living room. He is just like any other man. Except that he writes some erotic poems. A smooth talker? ah there are many out there, trust me. Men know how to work their magic on us (women). Most of times we know they're nothing but big fat lies but we insist on believing them. (yinguss 3alaina ib kilmetain) but some men are too lazy or too stupid to take advantage..
I don't know why am I talking about this, but in some way it is related to the subject, right?

Peach said...

LOL I love how u changed ur mind at the end ;) I'm a poet wana be so I'm not sure if I'd be able to get along with a real poet!! I think I might end up strangling him becasue he's reading me his all the time and I'm unable to write anything!

MissCosmoKuwait said...

At first I was really pissed off about Nizar being a "smooth operator"...but then again I thought about it...this is what poets are like...I put myself in his shoes...I write poetry and I know that everyone that past my life was important to me...and that's what he's doing too...every women that past by his life...had a profound influence on him and his yes...there are men that play...but the fact that Nizar is kutlat masha3er definately doesn't qualify him to be just another player...he feels what he says...unlike the others who are just giving sweet talk eb balash...

Hopeless Poet said...

I want a poetess too ;)

Sheba said...


in general poets are sarsariya & chathabeen & when they r famous, u have to share them -- stick to wa7ed 3adi bess let him read Nezar Qabani for you ;)

agool chinna yach sha3er (fog) ;p

Flamingoliya said...

of course it is related to the subject.
"Most of times we know they're nothing but big fat lies but we insist on believing them" how true!

I've read your poetry and you write beautifully. I can imagine a couple reading each others poetry trying to dig in and figure out what's in there. not a pretty sight :P

I agree. we write what we feel and felt during our years. whether in poetry or in writing. this is where wisdom comes from.

but i changed my mind in the end! :P

hmmm i would definitely appreciate a man reading another's poetry just to please me, that would be so cute.