Monday, November 07, 2005

Go away, leave me alone

I was in the midst of my morning tight sleep after spending the whole night catching up with blogs and replying to old comments. I woke up at around 10 and switched on my mobile. My mobile beeped; it was a voice message from my boss. OMG mo rathya etkhaleeni at`hanna eb ejazty. She wanted me to call her for an extremely important issue. Do I feel important or what?

Timaqqa6t in bed trying to ignore her, but I couldn’t do it. Shasawi, 3indi thameer. I know she dared to call because she knows I’m single and probably mitsharqida in bed doing nothing. Yeah, she’s one of those who envy me for not having any responsibilities. Many times she wanted to give me Homework but I decline. She assumes that people like me don’t need vacation or don’t need rest at home.

And so I called, back to my thameer 7ay. I did it because I couldn’t fall asleep again. She greeted me with “embarak 3alailch el shahar”. Imagine! And so I replied with the same. And then she interrupted and changed it to “3eedich embarak, taqabbal Allah 6a3tich”. It seemed that I wasn’t the only one sleeping.

She asked me about something so silly and accused me of some work she thought I did wrong. Only to get a call from her after 3 hours telling me I was right.

And so, my morning plans were messed up and didn’t achieve anything.


Closet Diva said...

heheh...I can understand if she called for something important, but something as futile as this??? On your holiday???

Thats ridiculous!!!

(PS I can relate to your thameer,& I think its a good thing)

Hopeless Poet said...

Kill your thameer :P

Salted-Caramel said...

They should create a rule that forbids bosses from calling their employees during the weekends, vacations, and after a specific time of the day.

Flamingoliya said...

they're always making a big deal out of nothing..
thameer is good, but i get disappointed when the rest don't have it, and that "rest" gets the bonus in the end, not I.

bang bang :P

I wish!!