Monday, November 07, 2005


Weird things happening these days..

I got an SMS from an anonymous number saying: (I'm typing it the same way I received it)

SMS:Hi, how r u?
Me: who’s this?
SMS:Im Shayne, U remember me?
Me: Shayne who?
SMS: Shayne lopez. R u mr William Briton? The frend of bel? If nt then may I knw u? If u dnt mind.
Me: I only know jenifer lopez ;) so I guess it’s a wrong number dear.
SMS: Hahaha! Im sori, maybe now u got 2 lopez’s Shayne & jennfr. Can we be frends dear?

I didn’t reply..

SMS: What nationality r u? R u my KABAYAN?

Is this a new way of meeting people?


Anonymous said...

he was asking if you were his friend ;( mskeen

or his date maybe! 3adi I get asked by Phillipino guys allt he damn time.. once.. WALLAH i am not joking, I saw the handsomest phillipino man ever.. he was tall..*around 6 feet* and he had the sexiest tattoo on his arm.. BEAUTIFUL face and pouty lips.. he was a construction worker.. la o ga3d yke3 ilmsaikeen ta7t il shams :( 7sbyAllah 3alaihom... ma lego ghair hal mazyoon ya3ni!?!??!

haw.. laykoon hes the one who sent u the txt... txt him lo 3ndah tattoo 3ala shakl eagle! o lo ylbas bandana 7amra mag6oo3ah

Anonymous said...

yke3= working so hard that he might end up saying "ke3" by the end of the day (tara ana ikhtara3t tafseer il kelma.. i think the real meaning is somewhat relative.. i think he means "work hard"

Anonymous said...


Abdullah said...
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Hopeless Poet said...

The Filipino employee who I used to be his partition neighbor always says kabayaaaaaaaan :P

Papillona ® said...

zain 3al aqal different nationalities which could be fun. Once an old kuwaiti woman called me by mistake. so she asked "hatha mu teylafoon maryam? (3ayouza accent)
Me: la wallah mu telefone maryam
old woman: imbala hatha taylafoonha
Me: la khalty hatha "taylafooni" ana.
Old woman: Haaw! min intay?
Me: hehehe.. laish tabeen tit3arefain 3alay?
Old Woman: ehhh ehhhe eehhhee (teth7ak) ee wallah yabnayti khal atiwannas shway..

ZOUGHAAA 7abbait'ha

McArabian said...

7aram maskeen :)

My American friend in the Kuwait got a call from a Kuwaiti girl:

Him: hello?
Girl: Allo?
Him: yes, who's this?
Girl: you are american? (english imkasar)
Him: Um, yes, who is this?
girl: Will you be my freeeeiiiinnd?! (she actually stretched the word in a weird way).

I was there when it happened, cracked me up for 20 minutes - we still call him up and ask him to be our 'freeeeeiinnnd'!

papillion: LOL - ya7lailha :)

Spontaneousnessity said...

how come I never get stuff like that =/ I guess cause am the type that goes "you got the wrong number, SLAM!" I never give a chance! ok next time I'll play along and see what happens hehe

Salted-Caramel said...

Lol. First the kissing guy, now the kabayan. I wonder what's next. ;)

Wer3Y said...

LOL! Kaabayan :P

cosimfree911 said...


enty eshloan telgain hal naas :P
i have to go out with you and see what you do :P

so how is ur new friend ;)

7tenths said...

Yeah I don't know what it is with Philipino people prank calling the whole nation :P I get prank called all the time & my response is always something like: I'm sorry, this is the wrong num-SLAM! Those punks close the phone in my face when I'm kind enough to apologize for their mistake! Infidels..

Sheba said...

hehe funny

last year i got an Iraqi prank caller who wouldn't stop! I had to use my methods in making sure his Xpress line never worked again ;p

Brava Valentia said...

whats a kabayan ?!

how did he know u were a girl not a guy ?!
that's weird !

sometimes u're friends make some kind of "daggah" they use different numbers to send u sms and see u're reaction !

Delicately Realistic said...

Your on a roll ha Flamy? Wonder what it will be tommorrow? :)

Mac and Pappy: Loooooooool

Entrepreneur said...

lol cool

mysterious msgs emerging from the flux

Flamingoliya said...

LOL he sounds really attractive, but i'm afraid it's not him :P

hehe i didn't know what the words meant until catch22 told me.

LOL badda3tay. taylafooni hehehe

freeeeeeeeeind? LOOOL that's too funny.

lets see what happens with ya! :P

lala enshalla nothing :)

yeah :p

i guess it's fate :p
haven't heard of him since then.

LOL this was my first kabayan encounter! i usually get calls from arab men asking me if i'm *fulan al fulany*! totally ignoring my voice!

hehe never mess with Sheba :P

Mother courage
kabayan is "friend" in philipino, but i didn't know what it meant until i asked catch22.
i don't know! actually it didn't show in his msgs. maybe he didn't mind what gender he was talking to.
no, i know it's not a friend :)

enshalla nothing more happens :P

Entrepreneur :D

DeeDee said...

LOOOOOL that was so so funny :D

Eva said...

the thing i wana know here is , Pappilona + el3ayoza , are you friends now :P ?

lol man am always dasha 3arth !