Saturday, November 12, 2005

Life Lessons

"I will meet you yesterday"
"I saw you tomorrow"

You see what’s wrong with these sentences?

I made fun of someone and now I am infected!

The lesson leared: Never, never laugh or make fun of anybody!


On behalf of myself and my species, I am sorry to have caused you THE HORROR

First it was the Oil Spill
Then it was Mad Cow
Now it’s
Bird Flu
I wonder what’s next

Yours, Na77ama


3baid said...

Don't worry, the chocolate is safe. Anything that is forced to reproduce at an abnormal rate usually ends up with messed up immune system or some kind of disability and hence spread disease or hosts a virus of some kind. :/

A3sab said...

I just dropped by to tell you how sorry I am that you've been exposed to the flu...and gues've already posted about it.

meWHO! said...

Choclolate!!! interesting..i really dont mind since i am not a big fan of chocolate..If it happenes we will finally see people with nice bodies in Kuwait (and elsewhere) ;)
It will be healthy for our eyes ;)

Ms. Milk said...

looool it's one lesson i'll never ever learn!

MissCosmoKuwait said...

Well, the latest trend in Kuwait Spas is getting your full body dipped in Chocolate! With such abuse to the never know!!!

Flamingoliya said...

did anyone click on madcow?

what's your major? :P

LOL THANK YOU A3SAB. i guess you're the only one who got it ;)

what?! you don't like chocolate?! how come?! what do you eat then!?

LOL you've gotta!

ee walla :( i've been thinking about it, mo 7aram?!