Saturday, November 05, 2005

My Eid kiss

I was never kissed by a man; other than my close relatives of course. But today, the 3rd day of Eid was special. I got almost kissed by a handsome guy.

I was at some co-op checking out Immac wax strips; when a handsome guy around 20 of age came to me smiling and greeting me with “salamu alaikom”. A guy I’ve never seen in my entire life. He extended his hand for a hand shake while I stood there frozen like a chicken. He leaned forward and wanted to kiss. I froze even more. I was gob smacked. All I was thinking was who he is. Do I know him? Is it polite to hold back the hand shake and the kiss? Should I kiss him back? I didn’t utter a word. I didn’t even ask who he is. I did not move. The only answer I got was this must be the hidden camera show. You know after this Ramadan series of “Sadooh” expect the unexpected, expect sexual harassment. Except this time the actor is young, clean, and handsome.

When the guy saw no response, he leaned back, pushed his cart wheel and went away repeating “salamu alaikom”. I stayed frozen there without a single move watching him as he left and looking around for superman to rescue me from the fright I was in or for the candid camera to show up. A woman came my way telling her daughters “poor man, he’s sick; maskeen mo sa7i”. That’s when my head bulb lit. I walked slow trying to feel at ease again then spotted a man with a cart wheel coming my way again. I wasn’t 100% sure if it was him or not but I felt like I couldn’t stay there anymore. So I ran out of the co-op and bought nothing.

The idea that the guy might be sick didn’t cross my mind because they usually don’t look young and neat. So I only thought that he might be acting this way to get a kiss from me.

Whatever his case was, it’s hard to judge and difficult to control the reaction in such situations. Thank God it was at clear day light at a co-op and not some dark out of sight area.

On another note, how come when I was at the SAS hotel entrance the man in the car in front of me got just a car security check plus my family in the other two cars? While when it was my turn, a Kuwaiti security man came out of his cabinet and asked for my civil ID card? Do I look suspicious or what?


Shopaholic Q8eya said...

The Kuwaiti security man thought you were pretty and beinh nosy, he asked for your civil ID to know your name. they do that all the time ;P

Flamingoliya said...

ashkara letting 3 cars pass without checking them!!!

Delicately Realistic said...

Wow! Imagine that! An unknown guy kissing you in the middle of the jam3iya! Hahahahaha! Thats a story to remember!

Flamingoliya said...

a freaky one, DR :O

Wer3Y said...

ee walla Freaky.. ;S

AL-3ANAN said...

ya ba'7tech u got a kiss bel 3eed :P

Flamingoliya said...

yeah :/

hehe :P

A3sab said...

that's freaky flam

Mr.Tea said...

A kiss from a cute,young,neat and good looking man its not a bad thing :)

o 3an el security yemken legafa :)

Flamingoliya said...

it is :s

so you think i should consider it "this years special eidiya"?

ligafa akeed, bas ashkara chithi!!? that's what surprised me.

Hopeless Poet said...