Saturday, December 17, 2005

He Confessed

Me: Da3ait lee?

6abakh: Ee misa3 ana salli fog. Ana galb mal ana hibbak enta walla.
Hatha kanoon ehni lazim cham ya3ti 3ashan zawaj (mahar)?

Me: mako qanoon. Rajal wajed foloos ya3ti marah wajed foloos. Bas ako rajal eshwayya foloos, ya3ti marah eshwayya foloos.

6abakh: sij?! 3ayal mafi mushkil enta!

Ana fi bangladish lazim marah ya3ti rajjal. Etha marah abyath oo hilow, mafi mushkil, maya3ti rajjal foloos, aw ya3ti eshwayya.

Bas ako marah aswad, oo mo hilow, lazim ya3ti rajjal wajid foloos.


Ms. Milk said...

looooool min sijjaaah!!!
naawy yakh6ibich ya3ny!? loooool

Delicately Realistic said...

LoooooooL ya7laila....
So sweet.
Thank God we're not from that part of the world, or we would be paying for husbands. My indian and pakistani friends told me, they not only pay dowry but have to shower his family with endless gifts. Imagine a man that only has daughters. Maskeeeeen!

Baroque said...

hehe he should quit his job and be a comedianne ;P~

Jelly Belly said...

I wanna see you wearing the red sari ;)

PiNK-y said...

ubay 7ada dagra 3an il pretty girls giving less money than the uglier ones! :P wala 3aysheen il hanadwa wil bagladeshi ppl .. il rayal ga3id ib bayta wil mara o lifloos iyoona lai baba! :P la o tara bil hind nafs il shay ha! il mara itqadim nafs'ha 7ag il rayal ..

3baid said...

Please don't abuse the cook Flamingoliya :P

Btw I tagged you! :]

Jewaira said...

He's infatuated :)

Broke said...

مبدعين انتي و هالفرّاش ...طماشة

Salted-Caramel said...


Hopeless Poet said...

Oh! Allah ytamim bkhair :D

Flamingoliya said...

hehe no, but when he knew that we don't have rules for the amount of mahar, he felt relieved that i won't have obstacles for marriage, ya3ni thoman mostaqbili.

ee walla el 7imdella, although some women here, working women that is, yasrifoon 3al bait.

he wants to work at my house as a cook!!!

hehehe :)

that was the purpose of my post! :)
eksaraw kha6ry the uglier ones.

i will as long as he doesn't mind :P

i wish i have this power over the people i want!

sowalfa matkhallis, etha77ik :)

Salty :)

mashkoor :P