Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Fashion News

Hey girls! Fulla has a new Abaya! :P


Here's a picture showing the old model for those who aren't up to date with fashion!


On this occasion, I would like to express my deepest admiration to mit7ajbat girls who seem to be the happiest this season being able to wear their knee high boots with short skirts.

You look silly!

I am sure that if it weren't for people's talk, they would've worn those sets in summer too.

Even those wearing their hijabs the way girls on MBC4 are wearing them, those are super models and there's no way your side tied hijab competes with theirs.

Oh and please, you can show off your rings or other jewelry, but there's no need for you to show us your ear lobe and your XXXL earrings.

Recently viewed alien sightings:

1. A lady fully dressed with a skirt, body, and jacket, AND niqab only without abaya.
2. Some ladies wearing a new abaya model with low waste cut!!! I didn't dare to take a shot for you, but will definitely do it if Fulla gets to wear one.


Misguided said...

Dear Flamingoliya,

This is a funny post.

To be quite honest I don't know how you can make an islamic barbie doll.

Barbie dolls are cool for young girls because you can dress them up fancy and comb their hair... I don't see the play value in this at all.


Delicately Realistic said...

I hate Fulla.
For obvious reasons.
I wear shortish skirts with my high boots occasionally. But NEVER knee high. But this winter I have said goodbye to my boots and I'm sticking to abla-style shoes :P

MissCosmoKuwait said...

Oh my God...I saw the same thing the other day and couldn't help but do a double take...the high boots and short skirt with a 7ejab...amazing!...As for kinda reminded of a story my Dad always repeats...he was a young boy and bought a barbie for his younger sister...he was travelling by car and when crossing a certain border at a certain check point...they searched the car and found the barbie...the policeman screamed that this is 7arram...took the barbie and tore its head off and threw it on the Dad never got over that story and everytime I imagine him standing there as a young boy looking at the chopped head of the Barbie..I get so the moral of the story I suppose least Barbie still exists in this era...even if she's wearing a 3abaya!...sad as that may be...

Broke said...
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Broke said...

Tha7akteeny .. but at the same time .. It's so sad to see such ashkal .. ohma wen wele7jab wen ..

Met7ajbat with short skirts and long boots ..

Met7ajbat with xxl earrings ..

Met7ajbat .. with extraordinary 3abayas ..

Met7ajbat with everything but not a real 7ejab ..

بس كل شي بصوب و المنقبة اللي شفتها بقهوة المباركية بصوب

كانت لابسة حجاب برتقالي فسفوري و دراعة نفس لون الحجاب و عباة و نقاب ... و تدخن شيشة .... شرايج ؟

Spontaneousnessity said...

LOL! yeah I saw one of these yesterday I wanted to ask her if she thinks it's right to do so cause I don't.

am not met7ajba yet but I have complete and full respect for hijab, once I do wear it I'll wear it with all the respect it needs.

fashion isn't everything, they still have amazing stuff to wear, lazem ya3ni il fesa3a lazem?!

Spontaneousnessity said...

o ba3sain sh3edech me7tara min 7jab fulla =P emnashbat-ha 3ala hal 15 centimeter

Яeema said...

dear flamingolia!

adding to ur post , did you ever see met7ajba with a jenz that her ( B***) showing at work!
jenz yes with 2 legs ha!
or the upper body that showes her big Bobs!

walla i am not met7ajba and i dont dare to wear what they are wearing!

( not every one is bad - but we are talking about these kind of met7ajbat - full full make up at 7:30 AM , that every single page she give me with a prints of her foundation and lipstick !

and Happy new year all.

The Don ® said...

Damn, I need to get out more.. I don’t see people like that..

Papillona ® said...

*me itdish blog flam ib reelha il yimeen*

klolololololley (zaghroo6a) khamsa wikhmeesa min 3ain il 7ossad yakhti

aih il sha6ara di yakhti, khamas bostat (posts) marra wa7da. allaho akbar.. allaho akbar.. ashtatan ashtoot

ok I gotta stop!

anyway. I love those mit7ajbat girls on MBC 4 zoughaaa and you're right they can't compete with super models. Although I find Kuwaiti girls prettier than models.

bas allah yhadahom lo yba6lon hal tokhombig

Delicately Realistic said...

Pappy: hahahahahahaha tha7akteeny

O tara bs 3ad....thayagtaw kholgy 3ela salfat ili7jab. Tara mo kilina chithy. O arid o agol ina ankle length skirts with boots isnt so bad. O really it isnt as easy as u think to be mit7ajba. Some people are just not cut out for it :) They ruin it for the rest of us.


Jewaira said...

The girls on MBC have a great look. But this post is funny Flamingoliya and really makes some good points especially with the clothes

Hussa-G said...

It’s sad what’s happening with these ladies. It’s such a shameful thing to do. They don’t have respect for el7jaab and religion. They look so funny. I wish someone tell them that. They want to look good (but mostly the want to look sexy for the men) but they failed miserably.

3asallah laa yablenah.

Take care.

Happy New Year EveryOne.

Sabri Hakim said...

lovely, i find them.

Babby said...

Nice post wallah BARADTAY chabdy !!!!!!!!

bs ma agol ela allah yahdeehum o0 ye9le7 balhum o0 yaster 3alehum wallah :S

9ij etheeeeeg khelgy etha sheft chethy ashkaaaal :'(
agol law mo met7ajba a7san :S shawehat heebat el e7jab !

NuNu™ said...

Poor Fulla doll, kasra kha6ri =/

Bloo said...

:) ur still contravertial in ur posts:D

Jewaira said...

Happy New Year Flamingoliya. Wishing you a wonderfully happy year ahead :)

Hashemy said...

ee shino el farg bain barbie bent el shai6an el akbar o fulla bent bayader el khair? akeeeeeeeeed enooor elyy 6ale3 mn fulla face 6a3oo esh7alatha

i guess 3ala ghelaf el le3ba maktoob dehena fe makabatna ;p