Tuesday, December 27, 2005

What's in Your Name?

My mother wanted to name me Basma (smile) when I was first born, but my dad didn't like the name. And since we live in a society where men are domineering, he won the game. He called me by a name of his choice.

Now, when I ask mom why she didn't fight for the name Basma, wanting to tease her for being dominated, she tells me that I used to be heavy blooded and rarely smiled. Thus, she does not regret not calling me Basma.
She thinks that the name Dam3a (tear) would've fit more.

My current name is a happy one too. People can't tell if I'm happy, because I hide my smile. Maybe if they had named me Basma I wouldn't have became so gloomy looking.

I do believe that names affect personality. Check out this link click click and find out what your name tells about you. And don't forget to tell me if what you read fits you or not. Let's study together our names and their effects.

Have a nice vacation, and please, always keep a Basma (smile) on your face. A Basma produces happy hormones, but don't do it overly because it increases wrinkles.

4 posts at a time, I'm suddenly inspired.


Papillona ® said...

My older sister always tells me that my real name is (3asarah) instead of Sarah. "it fits more" she says.

My friend think Sarah is a slutty name for some reason.

P.S. The test is almost true :)

Papillona ® said...

P.S.S. saweehom 5 posts 3an il 7asad (as in khamsa wikhmeesa)

Delicately Realistic said...

I'm sure your name is a7la min Basma o Nada. Is it Fara7? :)

I actually quite like my name. The description seems pretty accurate.

Pappy: looool 3asara ha...? I really did laugh btw.