Sunday, December 18, 2005

I Met Me

I am an indecisive person. A thing that is difficult most when shopping. My friends and family hate going out with me because I always keep them waiting for long. Some times I even end up buying nothing because I just couldn’t decide. I know that this is too much but that’s me no matter how I try to change. If I make up my decision fast enough, I end up regretting it and go back for a refund or an exchange.

Today, I met me. I had a strange encounter with someone with the same case. She was checking out some walking/singing teddy bears at the toys corner. They looked fun and cute so I stood there watching. She asked me which one I thought fit best for a one year old baby boy. She needed advice and I was there to help. We shopped a little together and she showed me all the toys she liked. It’s true that I can’t make up my own decisions but when it comes to people, I can decide in no time and they always turn out to be the perfect decisions. My friends even get mad sometimes when they end up ruining their budget and I, the one who helped them choosing, end up buying nothing.

I left the lady and went on shopping. It was a large place and on my way back, I saw her at the exact same place! That’s when the bell rang. That is me. That is how people see me. I checked out the whole shopping place while she was still in the same area trying to make a decision. Oh my god I can’t be like this. This is pathetic.

So I walked by her side and asked her why she was still shopping there. This time she was looking for a girl’s gift. She was holding two very similar puzzle games and couldn’t decide on one. So I told her that I liked the third one on the shelf. She said that she liked it too, but maybe that’s how we as adults see it, and not a 6 year old girl. Also, the girl liked green and that was blue. The two puzzles she was holding were green, so she wasn’t left with too many options for her to stand there for long. I told her to choose one and to take the whole set of matching bag and note book. She loved the idea, although they were there infront of her all this time but couldn’t think about it. That’s the typical me. I felt sorry for her and for myself. It’s really tiring and shopping for others makes it worse. You have to think of their age, their likes and dislikes; a thing that seems difficult especially when we can’t decide on our own liking.

I tried to be of help as much as I could because I felt her frustration. How many times I wished my mom, sister, or friend were there for an opinion.


MissCosmoKuwait said... sweet...I feel for you...and don't're not alone..I always imagine that the day I'd go looking for my wedding the day I'll have the whole fereej with me to give me their opinion...I'm not kidding...:)

Rimyoleta said...

oh you remind me of my mother I swear I have to walk the whole store and she would be standing infront of the same skirt the whole time :S..that kills me

Broke said...

Wallah 9aja ..

I usually have this problem with perfumes and buying gifts ...


Puppylove said...

oh my god!!!!
i have the same exact problem, my friends and cousins hate shopping with me if the shopping trip was 4 me, but if they call me 2 go shopping with them, i'd help them out sooooooooo easily AAARRGH
im such a libra even with my decisions in shopping for MYSELF!!! and millions of times i have returned stuff just becuz i bought it fast and it doesnt look nice at home as it was in he shop!!

Hussa-G said...

Bass tewakeli 3ala allah and buy the thing you first choice. Have faith about your self.

A3sab said...

ana 3aksich tamaman!!

Jewaira said...

Funny :) It's because you are careful about making decisions. But sometimes and in some cases, we have to take action fast, no? ;)

Flamingoliya said...

3ayal ana i want to make sure ALL KUWAITI population help me decide who to marry in the first place :P

hehe that's me!!

perfumes are easy for me, i have a good sense of smell ;) that some people call me "chalb boolisi".

Flamingoliya said...

killa min el star sign!! UGHH

that's true. but sometimes my faith deceits me, that's when i return the goods.

ya bakhtich :)

yeah, and trying to change is really haaard.