Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Khattaba in the toilet

I found this sticker on the toilet wall at marina cresent


a call card for a khattaba/match maker! khooosh mokan!


Click the picture for a larger view!


Papillona ® said...

ashkara mu khattaba

Delicately Realistic said...

thats funny
and sick at the same time
u got married by answering an add on a public bathroom wall!

cosimfree911 said...

wow meen 9ejhaaa hatheee thats funny

laa you should call her and tell her that her no. in the bathroom
laa it will be funnier if she said anaa 7a6etaa ehnaak looooool

Spontaneousnessity said...

ya3ni you can tell how her matchings are, pure flawless sh%t

Flamingoliya said...

enzain shako majallat el nahtha? does she have a page column there?

and do you think she put it there or some other people?

btw, it was stuck about 3 meters high. no girl is that tall :P i couldn't even get a good shot.

Papillona ® said...

wana sarli sina a6lib min Amazon.com chood eyeboonli elli abeeh, ma ligaita hnee. akher shay we already have this option here in Kuwait!!

على حسب المواصفات التي تريدها


MissCosmoKuwait said...

oh my God!...That's too funny! Wonder if she's got a website...LOL!

7tenths said...

You know what they say, you think of marriage, when you unload your baggage! :P (obviously, I made that lame saying up!)

3baid said...

LOL, why would someone think of marriage in a public bathroom? I don't get it. Is it because marriage is a private issue and it just happens that you're in a "the private zone" ? :P

Hussa-G said...

Oh my God, the nerve of the lady to displaying the sticker in the bathroom. No one is desperate enough to answer an ad in the Bathroom.
Weird but funny.

Flamingoliya said...

ee esdigaw youm galaw el kuwait deerat el khair :P

a la abu 7afs style.

walla chinni badig out of curiosity.

well what can we say, we found it in a public toilet.

sawaitlaha da3aya on my blog, eshtabi ba3ad!

"you think of marriage, when you unload your baggage"
you think you have the courage to manage your marriage
so you take up the challenge and buy the whole package
you end up maddened like a savage growing your own cabbage

or maybe because both public bathrooms and marriage stink.

no one is desperate enough, but she sure got my attention.
can you believe that at work instead of announcing news like delivery or a funeral at a billboard, they hang them at the bathroom wall? it's a shame especially when visited by clients.

Misguided said...

Dear Flamingoliya,

That's just hillarious!



Flamingoliya said...

Dear Misguided
glad you liked it (:

Jewaira said...

Hmm I'm wondering how you took that photo if it was up so high :P

Don't laugh about khatabbas. They make good money and they are invited to lots of weddings :P

Flamingoliya said...

please refer to I'm no giant post :P

they make money? i thought it was a free social service!
invited to weddings? OMG, now i know why that lady sat behind me.