Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I got hit by a lady driver today. She checked out the damage and left off without saying a word to me. Nothing, nothing! No sorry, no apology, nothing!
What is wrong with people!!
I asked for her number and that was the only conversation we had!!!


q8i in disguise said...

so.. Why didn't you report it to the police station, as a hit and run case? ok I agree you can't expect much from our police but atleast worth a try? barday chabdech atleast :p

q8i in disguise said...

nesait agoollech kha6ach elsooo o matshofeen shar :p

Flamingoliya said...

kha6ak/ch ellash thanks :P
why didn't i call the police? we were in an underground parkinglot. people behind us were honking wanting to pass in order to park and go to work. the da3ma sawwatli ertijaj bil mokh wel a3sab add to that being sayma :P and i know reporting it won't do me a thing. a good pay off is getting the taslee7 money from her that is IF and only IFFFF the number she gave me isn't fake :PP
besides, all accidents i've been through (2 only) were with good people who were understanding (the one i hit and paid for) and apologetic (the one who hit me and paid me) so such a cold reaction from that lady today was unexpected at all! next time (God forbid) i will be prepared for such kind of people :P

btw, your nickname q8i in disguise makes me wonder who you are. very mysterious.

Delicately Realistic said...

Kha6ach ilso 7abebti :*

LOL at ur comment to q8i in disguise, heheh the first thing i did before i even commmented was check out his profile!


Flamingoliya said...

hehehhee!!! look at what a nickname does!!

kha6ach ellaash thank you :) ta3alay!! sheno ya3ni laash?
i know eyelash.. i know aash (3adas) but what's laash? hummm

3abeer said...

kha6ach elsew sweety... hope you didn't get hurt.

your another victim of a hit and run :(

how sad

Flamingoliya said...

3abeer, kha6ach ellash thanks :) no i didn't get hurt el 7imdellah just my bumper and light.

this country is full of runners!!
the thing about this lady is that she was there infront of me but didn't utter a word!! she checked out the damage and headed to her car and that's when i called her to get her number.

q8i in disguise said...

I think you can tell from my nick name that i'm a male, isn't it obvious? :p

and btw, by reading the comments here I think you are all friends isn't it?

Flamingoliya said...

The mysterious man
well, frankly, no it doesn't show in my grammatical point of view :) I am Kuwaiti (q8i) too, aren't I?

we are blogger friends only. we don't know each other personaly.

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

Kha6ach al sow ;*