Monday, October 02, 2006

I blew it


There are times when you need to shut up
and times when you need to speak up your mind

There are times when you need to defend yourself
and times when you need to hide behind your shelf

There are times when ignorance does wonders
and times when you speak nonsense

I blew it since day one;
just when the story had just begun


The only TV program I try to keep up with these days is Darb El Zalag. I never watched the whole series. People always mention it during conversations and I'm always like duh. They doubt my kuwaiti nationality for not understanding what they refer to. So now I am striving to gain my nationality back.. and watching the boring series. It is quiet funny, but I don't like slow sequence of events that we have in arab series.

I also watch shababeek? I'm not sure of it's name. It's the one that Abdul Nasser Darwish and Al Ballam act like women. It is funny. Silly I know, but funny. I wonder though, why imitating women for the sake of making a comedy has become a trend?

Yegool Mr. Hugo: "Don't imitate, innovate".

It's Ramadan.. anyone misses Sushi? Baroo7 akil al7een :)

my all time repeated P.S.

P.S. I will reply to old comments soon :S

Oh, umm, which reminds me.. When my secondary school teacher taught us the word "soon" she told us to simply remember the word "sansoon" :) and I haven't forgotten the word ever since. She was my best teacher. A very practical one who doesn't follow the "memorization" method.

I think I'm going to start "old school memories series". Some people think that memoirs of a single girl is depressing. I have some funny school memories but lots of miserable ones. I enjoy writing drama. I always think and fantasize about dramatic scenes that I actually end up tearing. Dunno why.. maybe dramatic writers feel the same?

My friend is picking me up at 10. Now it's 9:56 and still in my pyjamas!!



I feel so guilty I was so indulged in eating that I only heard 40% of my friend's talk. She asked about what ginger was. So I told her what it is and that you're supposed to eat it after eating sushi to kill the warms inside you. She freaked out LOL and kept thinking and worrying and asking me if I was sure. I told her that I wasn't sure if it's for warms it's most likely for preventing eggs from hatching inside your stomach. Now she REALLY felt sick. She told me that she had to cope with warms last year in her stomach and wasn't prepared to cope again! In the end, I had to comfort her and told her that it's simply for bacteria which sounded even worse for her. Now I know she won't sleep tonight. She decided that she won't order sushi ever again and will only stick with the salad and prawns.

It feels good finding someone to fool; for me being the victim most of the time.


Shopaholic Q8eya said...

Ya 7elwech ;*

Are they reshowing "Darb AlZalag" or what?

Delicately Realistic said...

I blew it from day one too :/
Ok i dont want to think about 'that'

Darb ilzalag = da best!

Shabeebik kinda funny, but we have switched to watching al-firya which is on at the same time on dubai, check it out tomorrow, ull like it.

Ana tawny makla sushi take out! I was at maki....where did u go? :P

And yes yes yes naby school memories!

Oh and about thinking of stories and ending up making myself cry I DO THAT ALL THE TIME...s3at a7is iny mayona o ma 3ndy salfa :P lol intay lo tdreen ana ams shino 7almana t6igen 3ela rasich...kila ib sibat hal daydreams maloty.

Flamingoliya said...

:** yes for the millionth time! bas awal marrah ajabla.

laaa!! eshfeenna :(
I saw el firya once and that young girl going after the old man made me MAD! so i stopped :P but that's a good timing, will check it out tomo.
i was at wassabi. loo gaylatli chan re7t maki! :P
ams i had the worst nightmare EVER. although it was my afternoon nap!! some bloody dream just like the movies. it was so clear if i only had blogged it first thing i woke up. it would've made a story for movies! sij ebdaa3. maybe both of us are undergoing major changes at work?!
the perfect title for my dream would be "murder she wrote" bas 7asafa i forgot the story now.

3abeer said...

you're evil... Very funny!!
I'm a sushi fanatic myself.. but 7asafa I never tried this bit on sushi newbe's :P

great post :)

Flamingoliya said...

evil is my middle name :P try this bit it was REAL FUN ;D and thanks :)

Delicately Realistic said...

Tara i was also dreaming that i was going to post about my dream while i was still dreaming it!!!
The best title would be:
"Death Becomes Her"
Wallah widy i post it, bs adry ra7 akhar3kom :/
3ad itha kintay ib wasabi ilbidi3, i was next door in chocolate bar :P
The sweetness was too much for me so i had to get something salty quick, check my blog for details :)

(Oh, intay ma shifteny hny)

Flamingoliya said...

hahahaha dreaming of posting it? hehehe badda3tay!
we are so obssessed with blogging that we even think of it in our worst nightmares!!!
i like the title.. please post it!
shakla ekharri3 akthar min 7ilmi hehe.. oo tara sarli about 4 days killa nightmares ekhar3oon madri laish :/
and the other day i got a visit from my friend yathoom. i was sleeping on my side and he was pushing me!! he usually visits when i'm lieing on my back only!!! oo madri sheno hal visit el ramadaniyya. aren't shayateen supposed to be locked in ramadan?
yes i was bil bidi3!!!! shako ray7a maki then bidi3!!! chan khathaitay min wassabi!
i was supposed to go to chocolate bar too, that's what my friend wanted but i had other plans in mind hehee
i checked your blog, there's nothing about this subject!
i didn't get your last phrase.

Cr8ivia said...

hello (: i enjoyed fering fe ur blog :D .. bas 7aram 3alaich darb ilzalag hatha our history ! turathna a7san fan 3areeq shlon sakhef :S
shababek akraha :S
sushi hatha kabos mo akil :S
yathoom mo shai6an :S

dont watch tv at all sara7a now abrak :S

Flamingoliya said...

hi cr8ivi :) glad you enjoyed ferring my blog and welcome. i just said that darb el zalag is boring and slow. but not silly :)
why is sushi kabos hehe?
what is yathoom? what i know is that it's a shaytan who choke you while in bed!