Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Lessons I Learned From a Stray Cat


I was at traffic light on a bridge that was far away from residential areas. A cat was resting in the middle of the street. I was shocked to see it alive as it's common when you see cats in the street they are usually dead or jumping up and down (dieing); but this cat was not. It was just resting there. All I thought was it could be either dumb or that its soul has left its body while it was sitting or simply a jinni. Being colored black, a jinni was the most reasonable answer especially that a car passed over it in front of me and it was still there and hasn’t moved an inch. A jinni it must be. That’s when I knew that I had to take a shot with my mobile camera.

When the traffic light went green, I kept looking at the cat eager to know what the real story was when a foreigner (fair, bulky, cute man) came out of no where for rescue. The traffic light was green but he didn't care. He risked his life and waved at the passing cars to stop. He leaned downwards and carried the dieing cat with a large thick paper. I was astonished by his humanly act. None of the passers by thought of stopping including myself and this man had just risked his life to carry away a dieing cat. I saw it breathing heavily with its mouth wide open and tongue partly sticking out just like what we've been doing the past few days with the humid weather.

The lessons I learned from this event are:

1. Animals have souls just like human beings. We should help an animal in need.
2. To be a giver without waiting for something in return. The guy risked his life for a cat who won't give him something in return. Neither money, nor masla7a wala wasta.
3. That not all inexplicable things are hocus pocus. A black cat lying in the middle of the street could be a real cat and not a jinni. That gaining extra kilos shouldn’t mean that my overweight friend gave me a bad eye; it could actually mean that I’m eating too much.

4. Seeing a cat resting in the street doesn't necessarily mean that it's dumb, it could be dieing and in need for your help.
5. Cat/Car accidents don’t have to end in blood and death, they can end in brain injury and broken bones.
6. If dialing 777 takes long and you think that the cat would be dead by the time the ambulance arrives, you can be your own emergency help.

7. Sacrifice and being selfless is a good deed.

8. Sacrifice and being selfless is sexy.

9. Sacrifice and being selfless and blond is sexier.


MiYaFuSHi said...

So did you take a pic of the blond as he picked it up?

Flamingoliya said...

nooooo lol! I wanted to, but i had to drive away since it was green!!

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

This reminds me of this story, one day and at a roundabout next to our house, I saw a little kitten trying to jump up away from the street and wasn't able to. She was so tiny. Her mom stood there with other kittens staring. Being a cat person, I know that Cats do that so little kittens would learn how to survive on their own.

Knowing idiots drivers in our area, I didn't have the heart to leave her there in fear an idiot would get her killed.

Bare in mind it's a neighorhood not a main street where traffic is light. I parked my car on the side and walked to help the kitten. When this guy came along and was so pissed off that I blocked the street to help a kitten.

He started honking and I just ignored him. He got so mad that he started calling me names. LOL I hate it when people do that so instead of helping the kitten and walking back to my car, I stared at him and stood there playing with the little kitten.

Flamingoliya said...

hehehe what a sweet story. oo zain sawaitay feeh.. sij ma3inda galb.

Delicately Realistic said...

That was very nice of hime.

Thank you for the lessons. You're so right. Doing somethng and not excepting anything in return is a beautiful thing :)

Shopa: I love u more for that :) stupid man!!!!!

Flamingoliya said...

It is indeed :)
enzain what about me? don't you love me more ba3ad for my post? ;r

Anonymous said...

eeeeeeeh wallah 9AJJA !!!!

i do care about animals ! but whenever i saw Blood or any red stuff .. i just CAN'T !!! :(((

bUT, i feel them i also talk to them as if they understands me :/ :P ..

A7SIB lehum e7sab akthar meny :P .. o0 dayman a7i6 nafsy mokanhum .. :/ !


and about the rescue man :P Mmmmm .. i guess he was Amarican aren't he ?

Broke said...

Kalam Jameel ..

Thanks for sharing these profound lessons with us . Can't say more abt them .

Flam , I love how u start ur posts seriously and touchingly then end it up in a funny nice way or vice versa .. U know how 2 break ur readers' mood ;)

Spontaneousnessity said...

maybe it was trying to commit suicide?

I removed a cat off the street.. awful memory.. it was already hit..

Intlxpatr said...

i loved this post. and I loved that what you saw made you think, and changed your heart.

Cr8ivia said...

nice post

3ad aham shay yenni ib 3iz ilnahar o ib wes6 ilshare3 :S

bas sweet min ilguy
law kuwaiti wala 7atta 6ara 3ala bala :S

Jewaira said...

I stopped to rescue a kitten on a very busy road once and immediately the police car pulled up behind my car and wondered what I was carrying in a cotton blanket.

I like your story and even more than that your analysis!

me said...

7.8.9 r very creaive :)

3abeer said...


this incident made you stop and think and re-evaluate yourself. that by itself is an achievement. alot of people who go though things in life or come across similar events don't even bother, but you did, I admire that.
if every one of us stopped and re-examined those little things and decided to do something or to change another, we'd be living in a better place :)

just for that little pause my dear I salute you :)

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love your post and i agree !!