Monday, October 30, 2006

Eid Sweets

متى يخلص حلو العيد وأفتك؟
عيزت وآنا آكل فيه

I went to a party. Girls were dancing; the good looking and the not so good looking but definitely confident. I was watching only; wishing I was confident enough. A friend's mother advised of enjoying one's self without putting up restrictions. That friend's mother advised too much. Finally, the advice hit me so I stood up, took off my not so comfy high heels and started dancing along with the rest of the girls who were "enjoying themselves even if they weren't that good looking, even if they didn't fit well in to their tight dress's, even if they didn't know how to dance well, even if their eyeliner extended from their eyes till their ears”. I took a few steps, very few steps when suddenly the music played got corrupted and everybody went back to their seats….

… much for confidence.


Salty-C said...

Yeah, I don't like that kinda scene where women dance and other women sit and watch (judge?) them. Leish chithi? :/ Especially when its a 3irs and the dance floor is packed with single girls trying to get the attention of a mom or aunt or sister in hopes of getting engaged or something. Talk about self-marketing. It doesnt have much to do with self-confidence, but i dunno it weirds me out sometimes.

Wil sweet hatha mayshahee!

Salty-C said...

Oh and Happy Belated Bday Flamingo! :">

MiYaFuSHi said...

The secret is to get up when the song first starts. If 1 minute has passed, then just stay sitting and wait for the next.

Breeze said...

"even if their eyeliner extended from their eyes till their ears”


I KNEW v.well what u're just talkin about .. :P'p .. & about the self confidence thingy .. WELL it's GOOD AS WELL BUT I HAD NON of it unfortunatley :/ :p

according to the dancing part .. heheh well i never thought of dancing !! NEVER AND EVER .. unless if thERE was LOTS OF DANCERS in the ball square as if it was seems to be CRWODED .. OK i can accept other's 7ANNA o0 ranna 3ALA El raq9a .. CUZ I knew well that i won't Dance Only walk forword few steps and re backwords :P heheh wa hakatha :P NO ONE gonna noticed me men el za7ma :P

o0 whenever they asked me to dance again .. am like .. WAAAAY LA2 TA3ABT tawny raq9a :P'p hehehe !!!

Ms.Baker said...

Ah, Flaming...How I have missed you and your uniquely you signatorial style :)

Happy birthday sweet Flaming Flamingoliya. Sorry I missed it and this is so late :)


Ms. Baker

D said...

confident or not. aqsaha raqsa.. 3laihum bil 3afya those who are judging me, ma hamouni o 3umerhum ma ra7 ehemuny, wil 7ilu fil mawthu3 am not much of dancer, bs chithe la3ana shiba3t minil hathra/7ash elle 7awalayfa agum atmasha a7arek rwailaty shway. trust me those who were attentive will forgot u first thing in the morning, so laish t3awareen3 rasich by worrying how would other judge u. its a party, no fun if u dont judge n gossip hehe.

Flamingoliya said...

self-marketing.. 7ilwa! I love watching old ladies dancing.
about the sweet, I ate the good ones! :P
and thank you :)

you're right. but it takes me long to get in the mood :P the problem was that the song suddenly sarat saree3a as if it was played twice at the same time. when it first happened i thought that it was my mistake for not knowing how to dance in to the rythem hehehe until i saw the freaked out look from the girls who went back to their seats.

NON? afaaa!! laish!??
elza7ma is my trick too :P

I missed you more :****
and thanks :)

I like your attitude :p
no fun if you don't judge and gossip? :P you said it yourself! hehehe

Delicately Realistic said...

Ya 7ayati :****

Ma3lish :)

It happens even to the best of us :)

I admit i dance at parties, but doesnt have much to do with confidence really. Thats what i used to think. Hmm well actually it does. Its more like t3wid. You got a try a few times.