Sunday, June 17, 2007


من شاف برنامج د. فوزية دريع اليوم؟

تقول آدم و حواء نزلا الى الأرض بسبب غلطة جنسية ؟

عيل اشسالفة التفاحة؟

I like red nail polish on me, but not on other women.


EniGma said...

i'm the same but with black nail polish

Purgatory said...

I like red nail polish on you too ;p

Narrator said...

Foziya Craziya

Breeze said...

i hate her, and i don't waste time watching her .. :P ..

anyhow, according to the red nail polish .. Hmmm well, it's the same goes to me too ..

i hate looking it on others .. but it's just wow on me :P hehe ..

if u just like it on u , and i just like it on me .. then who would like it on us ? :P ..

Fahad said...

I guess Fawziya has knowledge of the unknown. I all I know about Adam and Eve is from the Qur'an and hadith.
God banished them from heaven because they touched a tree which He specifically commanded them not touch. It's satan's fault and not something sexual. But I'm no expert.