Saturday, June 09, 2007

Loving Teddybear

I burn with jealousy when you mention her name
I wish it was me
but maybe it's for the best
Who knows what would happen if it was for us alone
I know I cannot handle you
but can you handle me?
I still feel the stir I felt when we climbed down the stairs that day
It was one of the best moments in my life
Solitude with my one and only
Unintended intentions
Innocent acts that aren't so innocent
Teddy bear, youth, fun, humour,
You are all the best things
Everything is perfect in you
I don't deserve you


Breeze said...

Why was that :( .. ?

u deserve even more FLAM .. leash etgolen chethy ? :/

Ra-1 said...

Heyyy :(
dont ever say u dont deserve him, say u deserve better since he didnt choose u :*

Jewaira said...

GO with your your heart

Ms.Baker said...

Beautiful, Flaming :)

So passionate, yet so rich with innocence and longing....

Jewaira : hearts are often treacherous... yet the heart is always and forever a lonely hunter...