Sunday, June 03, 2007

What Jughead and I Have in Common

We have so much in common

and again at The Avenues
How to know it's a women's toilet part3!

How to know it's a women's toilet (Part 2)

A great new shop called Bois and Chiffon is open at The Avenues. Lovely accessories for your home.

Two Pigeons on top of The Avenues lift

A kiss on the wall in a fitting room. Wonder what she was thinking. ya3ni khalisat el amakin?

These two pictures are from Mubarak Hospital. They looked like banana trees. The garden was green and well cared after. I wish they cared this much about their patients.

and last but not least, the bitten slippers. I found them close to a prayer hall.

Today I saw Ragheb Allameh at The Avenues. My heart leaped.


Shoush said...

Wat's with the toilet signs? I think they're enjoying this.

3baid said...

I think some of these photos show just how much people have fallen in love with the avenues XD

Delicately Realistic said...

lol is it me wela intay wayid ga3da tro7en ilavenues? :P ana mnzmaaaaan ma ri7t.
i feel like im missing out

NiQa said...

did you kiss the lips back?

Jacqui said...

I was at the avenues last night!

hasbean said...

+5 points for Jughead reference :)

Broke said...

Would u believe it if I said that I haven't been to The Aveenues yet !


I love those Banana trees too !

When I first saw them few months ago , the view looked like a forest !

Ra-1 said...

esh-salfat el kiss! heh :)
maybe she was trying her lip stick :/

Breeze said...

heheh ..

Dear Flam, U always hunt the funniest objects and subjects .. ;) ..

that's mean u're so Sweet and pure from the inside :) ..

i enjoy reading your blog anyway :D ..

Nice collection ;) ..

Zahra said...

I loved Bois and Chiffon when I visited :D

Ansam said...

Nice collection heehee and nicely put-together in one post! I like it

Breeze said...

NEW POST plz :P .. hehe

akhaf nethaltich ? :/ :P ..

Jewaira said...

I love this post. It is very FLamingoliyalike

Jewaira said...

I love this Avenues post.

Flamingoliya said...

hehehe you made me smile :) and i am honored by your visits.