Saturday, June 23, 2007

Flamingoliyan Quotes 2

Tragedy is what shapes a man.

Never expect a man out of mama's boy.

p & b may look the same, but would make a big difference when studying a man. I prefer the latter.


Stephen_Dedalus said...

p & b ? please elaborate ?

p.s. I am very much my mother's son. I would like to think that being macho is not a necessary part of being a man.

Anonymous said...

Tragedy doesn't always shape a man into a better one... sometimes, it shapes him into a much worse kind. The kind who will cause harm to others. A man who in his resent for the tragedy that has befallen him, will both consciously and unconsciously seek to destroy and damage those who love him, and inflict his own special brand of tragedy unto them....

(A Ms. Bakerian quote from a recent lesson that she sadly had to learn the very, very hard way...)