Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Flamingoliyan Quotes

A good teacher is one who applies and stands for what he/she teaches.

when illicit,
is not love

Why is it so hard for some people to say the "L" word?

A good friend told me that Jane Austin became famous and got recognized as a writer 200 years after her death; I am optimistic now.
(I so wish to become one while alive, I want to feel it's joy)

Thanks to 3baid's comment on this post, meeting a blogger really feels like meeting a friend.

If you like sugar intake, try to eat dark chocolate, preferably 85% Lindt , it's good for your health.

I start my day with turkish coffee, they say it's bad for your stomach. Now, I start my day with a little something to eat then turkish coffee.

I wonder how colleagues can chitchat first thing in the morning; I don't even have the power to smile. Thus, they think I am arrogant.

I am not arrogant, I just think I am always right even when I have doubts.

I have no time to edit now, good night

A big hug and a slimy wet kiss to all my readers. but for the male ones, من وراء حجاب

Remember my neighbour whom I connected with for wireless internet? He now added a password. (I swear I haven't done anything illegal)

Wondering how I'm connected now? I am sitting on a chair with my legs raised on the window to place my laptop on. Laptop is very close to the window glass, and I am connected to another neighbour. Easy, but I think I'm getting some bruises.

My batts are running off... G'bye!

I still haven't gotten an answer for my question on my previous post! Doesn't anyone know about the story?


3baid said...

"Why is it so hard for some people to say the "L" word?"

Funny you mentioned that, I had similar thoughts recently. That word almost doesn't exist in our vocabulary! Even if the intentions were harmless, it's still avoided.

"Thanks to 3baid's comment"

Aw shucks, it was nothing :]

eshda3wa said...

it isnt hard for me, infact i think as say it too much all the time

and i didnt see fozia, bs hmmm interesting, i gotta ask around

EniGma said...

hehe my neighbor knows we use his wireless he doesn't really mind ;p

oh, and i LOVE dark chocolate.

Jewaira said...

So, you steal your neighbour's internet?
That is why I put a password on mine as well!!!

Stephen_Dedalus said...

Lindt 85%? Maybe? But what about this?:


guaranteed to make an impact on the BMI ticker... ;-)

MiYaFuSHi said...

So we get the slimy kisses and the boys fake kisses, so who are you keeping the good kisses for ?! ;)