Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I want an arabic-english online translator?

FTP free software?

any recommendations?


Yazeed said...

google translate offers arabic translation, but it sucks
there is also which is old

other than that, i would suggest going and getting software from hawallay (i know i know) which might be better than an online option

outlaw said...

here's a very good free ftp client it called "Core FTP" download it from here

and about the translator there's also google's

moodless said...
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Yazeed said...

oh and if u use firefox, get fireftp (one of the firefox extensions) u can run it from within the browser which is really handy

Breeze said...

i wish i could help, but i have no idea :/

Cr8ivia said...

the best FTP software is
CuteFTP Prof
and the serial is available too

if u want a free one go for flashFTP

about the translator u want a paragraph traslators? or dic?

try those sites

Flamingoliya said...

Thank you all for the recommendations!

about translator software, do you know a good one?

I HATE Hawalli :P

will check it out!

hehehe it's alright :)

yes i like cuteftp but i couldn't get the serial!
will check flashftp, it's new to me!
thanks alot for that list of traslators!! almah 3ajeeeeb!!! waini 3anhom min ziman!