Friday, January 05, 2007

You Asked for it!


I couldn't resist taking a shot of this lovely sock of my friend using HER mobile camera, SENT to me by HER through email, with the subject line: "You Can Blackmail Me if You Want!"

So here it is dear friend, you asked for it :P


A young man gave this little book (click) to my 3 year old nephew at a cafe today. He told him to read it when he grows up. This book comes in a small box and since I was standing behind my nephew, I only spotted a white box and the guy getting something out of it. I thought he was giving him a cigarette and asked: "What is it? Don't spoil him!"

Thank God he was a nice guy and explained that it was just a book and that there's no harm in it, asked about his name and wished him the best.

I just stood there without a word. I didn't even say sorry min el fashla. So, whoever you are, incase you're reading this, sorry!

When I got home, I started reading this book which I've seen many times at different bookshops but never dared to buy since I am always in denial about my age. So this time it was in my hands, and so I read.

It's a funny book about aging. There are jokes about being 50, 40, and many about being 30!
Now I feel insulted. 30 is middle age?!

Aham shay is that the feeling of guilt towards this guy is over. Now we're even.

"The first sign in growing old is needing a pair of glasses which reveals the second and third signs, the first wrinkle and the first white hair. The forth sign is the thirtieth birthday." Agnes Ring. Age 15



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Delicately Realistic said...

Awwww thats very sweet of him :)
I dont blame u for being suspiscious, that kind of thing doesnt happen often.
I miss u....ish'hal ghaiba?

Yazeed said...

how random and very weird, but its still a nice gesture, and a funny/weird story to share :)

3abeer said...

what's with the picture??

the 30's for me is a relief age.. no more emotional confusion... you're relaxed and you enjoy life a little more ;)

Salute.. to be in ur thirties :)

Flamingoliya said...

I guess! but I still feel fashla..
miss you too :* ana kani.. I only get inspired after midnight... so I always have to choose between a good night sleep or a post :S

I did enjoy the book! :)

nothing's wrong with the pic.. just teasing my friend :)
you're right about the emotional conf. but I care for wrinkles and white hairs more :p

I Love Q8 said...

barkeelee, fixed that glitch I told u about :D

Oh and the Sock-Lady sends her regards wetgoolich: you forgot to mention how she took pity on you when your battery went dead and u couldn't capture the "moment" :P

Flamingoliya said...

errr what glitch?

tell her to thank me for making her famous :P