Monday, January 08, 2007

So What's Your Secret?

Today I kissed Champions goodbye. My subscription was for one year and I've been only going there for a day or two per month. My weight is 5 grams more than last year.

I had my last massage session today. While my
masseuse was massaging my derriere, she asked me:"So, what's your secret?". I felt terrified with a 1000 thoughts in my head. Then it turned out that she meant my hair.

Check out
The Gender Genie.
Just copy any text you've written and let it tell you if the writer is male or female. I enjoyed copying text from other's blogs hehe. A fun way to see your or the other's inner gender.
(Special thanks for my world cup friend)

Check out also Miya's good deed post.

A delivery man came to my office with a huge, nicely wrapped box of chocolates. You Flamingoliya? Sign here!

Me? That's for me? Chocolate? .oOO YESSS! (GRIN)

Then I remembered the newly employed lady who has the same name.

Hey, delivery man, thanks for the 3 second lift of spirit.


Yazeed said...

thank god the genie said i am a guy :)

why the low self esteem?

Breeze said...

LoooooooL :p
chan khathaitay the choco chenech ma tadreen :P .. 3an kha6rich bs :P

Jewaira said...

So I guess your genie will tell you whether I am a guy or a girl ;)

Too bad about Champion's. Anywhere else you're thinking of now?

If you send me your work address I will send you a surprise box of chocolates too. You deserve it.

Flamingoliya said...

most of my posts were F except this one! hehe

cos no one's ever sent me a huge box of chocolates.

i thought of that.. but the other flamingoliya eksarat kha6ri :P

maynoon elli think you're a guy ;)

most girls here say Flex. i checked it out, it's good. but I heard stories about the security there. about 4 weeks ago i heard that a young boy's arm got stuck in an opening in the swimming pool! they tried to pull it out, imagine! but then 777 came and broke that part pf the pool. and all that time the boy was all wet till he got rescued. another story i heard about a girl who's hair got stuck too. and you know, i care about the pool, cos i still swim like ugly duckling.
there's a new gym next to al fatat club. it's not fancy, but will check it out.
any recommendations?

thank you so much for the box of chocos :* rifa3tay ma3nawiyyati :*

Ms.Baker said...

You deserve the hugest box of chocolates that money can buy, sweet Flaming :)

About the gym - I know you will find a better one :) The funny thing is, when I read it, I thought you meant the masseuse was talking about what the secret to your perfect booty was ;P


Flamingoliya said...

thank you :* you and Jewaira always flatter me. love you both.

if i didn't find a good gym, i might make my own at home, mo a7san? at least it's not humid :p

about the masseuse, that's why i was terrified till she mentioned the hair!! hehe

Cr8ivia said...


aham say 3 secs of happiness eehheeheh khairha eb ghairha

ray said...

so, what's your secrect ? ;)

u know, i've subscribed to almost every gym i layed my eyes on the past few years and the best gym i've ever been to was my own.

i took over the family's dewaneya and transfered it into a mini gym with a tv, dvd player , and 5 different machines and of course i have my own shower room :) .. its perfect