Thursday, January 25, 2007

Does it Mean Anything?

A few weeks ago I had a dream of a distant relative whom I have no relationship with what so ever. I haven't even seen him in years. The dream was that we were together, we got along, and I was feeling comfortable.

I was surprised by this dream and didn't know its significance. Today at gran's, my aunt told me that that relative of mine is looking for a wife and that his mom asked her if she knows anyone suitable.

So, what do you think, should I give it a shot? He's a year younger btw.

On anazar note, tshek zis ouet:


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error said...

its actually 7afith ibrahem not a7mad showqi who said that

Purgatory said...


Flamingoliya said...

بعد؟ عيل كلهم يفشلون

why? 3ad you in particular i trust your opinion.

Breeze said...

shofay eley eray7ich dear .. and go for it .. :) .. allah ewafgich o0 esahel 3alaich :D

Judy Abbott said...

don't trust purg, he was born with all kinds of negative energy... trust me don't trust him .. he is just purg... na7ees khel2a..

Try it out, you are not loosing anything, its just an exatra experience. might work, might no at the end you will have fun.

Purgatory said...

I am not a big fan of family related marriages, and neither marrying a man younger than you. IN addition, dreams usually mean the opposite of what should happen, and I do not trust dreams.

My advice is if you do marry, get someone from outside the family, and if you are lucky he might be cute and chubby.

Q8ari ® said...

مكشوف عنج الحجاب
رؤيا مو حلم :P

في نقطتين مهمين

دام ذكرتي إنه أصغر منج, يعني حاسة الموضوع فيه إنّ
ثاني شي, لا تبنين حياتج على حلم
تعرفوا على بعض لفترة و بعدين اخذي الخطوة الثانية
مع اني أشوف ماله داعي زواج
خلج جذي وايد أبرك, احنا العزاب محسودين

ray said...


my uncle is happily married (for 26 years now mashallah), his wife is 8 months older than him but it didn't make any difference what so ever.

my cousin married someone 2 years younger than her and she's happily ,arries too..

1, 2 or even 3 years make no difference at all...

the real question is: would U be comfortable with a younger man?


1001 Nights said...

9alli isti5ara oo shoofai what you feel.

3abeer said...

give it a try.. and don't pay attention to age.. it's nothing but a nuber .. and that's a FACT.

haven't you seen how many 30-some year olds that act like kids on the other hand there are younger men that are mature.

Go by your gutt feeling.. and if it woks out ...then Yaaaay ;)

Anonymous said...

i would say go 4 it .. age is not a big deal!