Sunday, January 07, 2007

When you're sick, go to the Doctor

I've been sick for about 3 weeks now. Too many medications till I got sick from going back and forth to the Doctor. So I started having 2 pills of Panadol Extra every 6 hours last Friday and today I had to go to the Doctor because I wasn't getting any better. To my surprise, Panadol dosage I was taking was too much and caused me shaky hands. I did as prescribed on the packet! But my Doc. told me that that isn't right!

So the point is, do not take any medications even if they were as simple as Panadol.


Have you seen some sick people on Dr. Phil's show who get attached to their old belongings even when they are worn out? I am that kind of person. But thank God I am getting over this problem after seeing (myself) on TV. So this year, I got rid of many old clothes, and bags. Small bags that I had since I started wearing them!! But kept the first one ofcourse for memory (the second, and the third, oh and yes the forth too). Anyway, so I thought that I was recovering from my problem since now I got extra space in my cupboard for new clothes and bags.

Today I realized that my problem wasn't over. I was late for work because my car's Battery wasn't working. My boss made fun of me and told me that it's time I should start thinking of getting a whole new car. It took me a while to respond. He rang a bell. I had my car since 1998. I never thought that it was old. It works! It gets me where ever I want! The only times I ever thought of getting a new one were just liking a certain car for it's looks but not because my car is old and that I need to change it.

So the thought hit me. I felt attached. I got flashbacks of the memories we had together (3ishtaw, boy friend mo car). I felt that my boss insulted my car.

Later in the evening, and while I was shopping, a salesperson was watching me wearing my boots under the NEON lights. My good old boots. I found out that my boots looked old! (ma7kookeen). Oh My God, even my boots I didn't pay attention to! I love them so much that I was blind to it's wrinkles and white patches. I have other new shiny boots! Why wasn't I wearing them?! They are even the same color! Why haven't I thrown them away since I had newer ones!

So you see? The problem that I thought I was over with, wasn't. It goes around haunting me in every little precious thing I ever own.

On a side note, don't you hate Neon lights at fitting rooms? They make all things you thought you (waxed and/or unclogged) very visible!


Delicately Realistic said...

Haha 7ayati :*
U made me laugh, i was like that, bs now i improved, y3ny i keep them but i dont wear them...i dont know...they just have so many memories related to past....i want something to remind me :)

Baroque said...

inzain, madree laish la3at chapdy when i read the last sentence.. :P

Delicately Realistic said...

Nisait agolich:

Salamat o ma tshofen shar ;**

My cure to sickness is: sleep, sleep and more sleep!

Broke said...

I wrote a long comment

و فجأة اختفى

when I tried to post it

بس زعلت

and I will call u soon !

MiYaFuSHi said...

salamat o matshoofeen shar.

Now throw your junk out already!

Flamingoliya said...

Allah esalmich :* I have work.. I can't sleep enough :/ 3 days of sick leave weren't enough.
a trick i used to get rid of some stuff was remembering some not so happy memories related to them ;)
like for example a gift from a friend who isn't close anymore.

salamat chapppdich hehehe :P so does this mean I'm not the only one? :PP

I DEMAND another comment!
welcome back! missed you.

eshar mayeech :)
I am trying walla.. it is working.. but taking time.