Monday, May 21, 2007

Spontaneity Killed Flam

Today I saw a very famous blogger and I was just about to wave at him and then I realized that he doesn't know me. This thing has been happening to me recently. I recognize bloggers and go straight and introduce myself. But after seeing the shock and horror in their eyes I TRIED to stop doing so. I am spontaneous and I do it without thinking, and the excitement over comes me. Now, each time I recognize a blogger, I call my friend to restrain me and brings me back to my senses.

To my luck, she was with me today.

Have you been through the same? What did you do?


Had anyone surprised you? If yes, how did you feel? Those whom I met, don't answer please :P


Purgatory said...

you never introduced yourself to me :P

Broke said...

:P :P :P

I have never been surprised . But
I introduced myself to 2 bloggers last summer . And both of them were welcoming and friendly . So it was encouraging but I usually don't do that ella m3a elly 9ij 9ij amoon 3alaihum .. ;)

EniGma said...

LOL! so funny!!!

The Don ® said...

I have met quite few of them, and all of them recognized me and came up to me and said hi.. why do you think there is a shock factor? I don’t see a reason to be shocked when a blogger recognizes another and says hi.. the person might be cautious at first when you approach, not knowing who you are maybe, but as soon as you say that you are a blogger, I know you would have had a big smile from me, and who knows, you might get lucky with a hug ba3ad.. :)

3baid said...

There's always a bit of shock at the beginning, but then it quickly fades away and you feel like friends :)

Flamingoliya said...

I never saw you :)

ana malgoofa, i feel like i know them, whether miyana or not :P~

;) so have you met any?

The Don
ehehehe just a hug? ;)
maku ride ba3ad? ;p

love the friends feeling :) it's wonderful.

Ra-1 said...

okay I wont answer ;p

Anonymous said...

I'm with ra-1 ;)